The 2018 election is behind us, and 2020 will be here before we know it.

NC voters approved a constitutional amendment to require a photo ID to vote, without knowing what forms of photo ID would be deemed acceptable by the NC General Assembly (NCGA). The voter photo ID bill the NCGA passed in December was vetoed by Gov Cooper; they overrode his veto. Two lawsuits were filed within a day of their override vote - one at the state level, one at the federal.

While the lawsuits play out, Get Out the Vote groups are planning to focus on voter education around the new photo ID requirements. Check Democracy NC and You Can Vote for training and outreach updates, and stay tuned to the Stamp NC Blue blog!

Here are voter registration links for new and current NC voters:

Register to vote in NC, qualifications and registration form

Update your NC voter registration if your address or name changes, even if you're in the same local precinct

NC voter registration

Check your provisional ballot status

Find your county Board of Elections

Sign up with NC GoVote to be notified if your voter registration status changes.

Good resources for voter information in NC:
You Can Vote
Democracy NC
League of Women Voters Vote411

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