UPDATE: Nov 17, 2018

Stamp NC Blue reached out this fall to voters in five flippable NC House districts with two rounds of postcards encouraging them to support the progressive values of NC's Democratic candidates. As of today, three of those five Democratic candidates have won seats, one race hasn't been called, and one candidate lost. In addition, Stamp NC Blue volunteers sent 10,000 postcards in support of NC Supreme Court candidate, Anita Earls, who won by a wide margin. In total, Stamp NC Blue reached out to 16,683 registered voters in North Carolina via 34,978 postcards!

We also sent two rounds of non-partisan get out the vote postcards to voters in these districts before the May primary, and turnout among those voters doubled compared to 2014!

We are grateful to our volunteers for every postcard they wrote, door they knocked on, phone call they made, text they sent, and conversation they had. Working together, we are restoring fairness and balanced, rational government to our state and country. THANK YOU!

Disclaimer: Stamp NC Blue is a subsidiary of SNCB PAC. SNCB PAC is not authorized by, financed by, or affiliated with any candidate or campaign. Questions? Contact info@stampncblue.org.