THANK YOU to everyone who helped us meet our fundraising goal! Thanks to you, we expect to be able to fully fund our fall election postcard blasts to help get out the vote for Democratic candidates. Forward to November!

Democracy NC just put out a call for canvass monitors next week, likely March 13: "We need your help to attend meetings in key counties with a large number of provisional ballots or a history of problems, observe the canvass, and report back with what you learn." Training webinar March 9. More here.

Put March 25, 7pm, Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, on your calendar for a Neighbors on Call event that sounds like such fun to me. It's "Meet the Candidates" hosted by "I will not yield!!" rock star, NC Rep. Deb Butler. Details and RSVP. Let's get to work - and have fun while we do it!

I'm still gathering my wits after Tuesday's primary, phew (and it could take a while, LOL). I want to acknowledge that many progressives are on the spectrum of angry-to-disappointed-to-grieving about the presidential primary results. We have honest, respectful disagreements about which candidate best represents our values AND has the best chance of defeating the incumbent in November. Personally (not reflecting Stamp NC Blue), I'm disappointed that the race appears to have come down to two old white men - no disrespect intended for either of them, each has made important contributions to our country. Warren hasn't suspended her campaign but she doesn't have a clear path to winning the nomination. With the flurry around Super Tuesday, some are concerned about the nomination process being "rigged." I found this informative piece from Heather Cox Richardson to be a useful and reassuring read. Her daily emails are worth reading, IMHO.


I hope you'll join me in continuing to work for your candidate of choice in the remaining primaries (donating money or time by volunteering remotely) AND committing to support the eventual Democratic nominee. I like this Buzzfeed article, What to do if you're a Democrat who hates the nominee. Spoiler alert: GO LOCAL! Conveniently, that's exactly our focus at Stamp NC Blue!

Need reminders of why NC state races are SOSOSO crucial? Flip NC has them here and here.


So let's do a quick run-down of what happened in those primary races on Tuesday. First, no major/systemic voting problems were reported across the state on election day. Wait times of >30 minutes were reported at some precincts, and a couple precincts had minor problems that resulted in extended voting hours, but the director of Democracy NC, which had volunteer "vote protectors" across the state, reported, "I’d say that we’ve seen issues (like those we see on any given election day), but it looks like we’ve avoided systemic breakdowns or misfires.” That's good news, so far, at least. Fingers crossed it holds up for November. Kate posted this article yesterday about widespread voter concerns around election integrity, especially since the administration and many Republicans in Congress refuse to acknowledge and respond to the well-documented attempts at election interference. Carolina Public Press has a good audio series about challenges to election integrity in NC this year.

According to the NC State Board of Elections, 31.07% of registered voters cast ballots during this primary election period, that's 2,156,409 people. That compares to 35.69%, 2,323,590 voters, who voted in the 2016 presidential primary.

So who will be running in November?

  • Gov Cooper will run against Republican Dan Forest, current Lt. Governor.
  • The Lt. Governor's race yielded surprises on both sides:
    • Political newcomer, Mark Robinson, won the Republican race in what's seen as an upset. Hooray that outgoing (incompetent) Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson LOST his bid to run for this office.
    • NC Rep. Yvonne Lewis Holley and NC Sen. Terry Van Duyn may have a run-off election, as neither garnered the required 30% of votes. Looks like that run-off would be April 21, if it's requested by Van Duyn.
  • Attorney General Josh Stein will run against Jim O'Neill, a district attorney.
  • Democrat Jen Mangrum is a strong candidate to run for Superintendent of Public Instruction against Republican Catherine Truitt.
  • Ronnie Chatterji won a tight Democrat primary to run for State Treasurer against incumbent Republican Dan Folwell.
  • Former NC Sen Cal Cunningham won handily against current NC Sen Erica Smith and will face #onetermThomTillis in November. I'm personally disappointed in this because Smith is a smart, experienced, progressive WOMAN. AND I have to acknowledge the political reality that she was not a good fundraiser and didn't create the kind of state-wide campaign organization that will be needed to combat the $$$ behind Tillis. I hope we see more of her. More on her here and on the race here.
  • I haven't seen any upsets in the Democratic US House races, even with some new district lines. Happy to see more women competing in November.
  • One of the more conservative Democrats in the NC House, Rep. Elmer Floyd, lost to more progressive newcomer, Kimberly Hardy. Floyd supported the 2019 Republican budget and HB2.
  • Find ALL election results, including your local county commissioners, school boards, etc, at this NC Board of Elections site.
  • We'll give you more information about these and other great Democratic candidates before the November election!
  • Mail-in, military, and provisional ballots need to be counted and audits completed before final results are certified on March 13.

Analyses of primary turnout, voter profiles, and implications for November will be posted over the several days and weeks. Check:

As we digest and learn from the results of the primary to be even more effective in November, Rob Schofield with NC Policy Watch provides a reality check with five things to keep in mind throughout this momentous election year.

We can do this!


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