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I don't know if this qualifies for ICYMI, because the primary results are difficult to miss. North Carolina chose Joe Biden as its Democratic candidate for President. Cal Cunningham won the primary for Senate, and so will face Thom Tillis in November. In the race for Governor, it's Roy Cooper vs. Dan Forest. Check your precinct's results and other races at WRAL.

Whether you saw tonight as a victory or a disappointment, we're nowhere close to being done! We've still got a ways to go until November, but that's not the end of it either. "It’s even more essential to remain engaged throughout 2020 and after the election – whoever is nominated or elected."

To do that, we must keep in mind that our elections are not secure. There's a good chance the election in November will not be counted accurately. We MUST continue to press election security as one of the most important priorities between now and November, and after.

You've heard of the saying "follow the money", which, unfortunately, is always applicable when we're talking politics. WRAL's political ad tracker follows the money flowing to candidates in North Carolina. Fivethirtyeight.com has data on other states and national election campaign finance.

Politics has always been a matter of life and death for many, but it's also not without its lighter-hearted moments. Sean Haugh, a Libertarian running for state house, left a little joke for a journalist in his campaign filing. Aside from cutting taxes, I actually can't disagree with any part of his platform.

It bears repeating that every seat in the NCGA is up for grabs this November. Especially now, after several districts have been redrawn, we have a chance to turn the NCGA blue. Which would hopefully turn the UNC Board of Governors in a more reasonable direction.

The General Assembly wields significant power over the UNC System, as  well as the University itself. Beyond the obvious things such as  determining the state budget, which affects funding for higher education  and taxes, the General Assembly is responsible for directly appointing all 28 members of the UNC System Board of Governors, as well as four  members of the UNC Board of Trustees. In the past decade, the BOG has  become increasingly partisan and increasingly conservative under  Republican control.

Flipping the Board of Governors is the only way to make all the chaos around Silent Sam and the ECU Chancellors, and now House Speaker Tim Moore's bid for ECU Chancellor, stop.

North Carolinians have been victims of no less than an outright assault on our clean air, water, and soil for decades. We know what the weapons are now: PFAS, coal ash, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, and hog farms. Those who wield those weapons– power companies and industrial farm conglomerates– are doing their darnedest to silence those who would fight back, but one of the best weapons we have is information. The national Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) database makes publicly available information on almost 800 "facilities (manufacturing plants, utilities, mines, and the like) which produced enough waste to trigger the TRI reporting requirements."

Now, thanks to Lisa Sorg at NC Policy Watch, we can work to stop even more polluters before they get a chance to land in North Carolina. "The NC Department of Environmental Quality keeps a running online database of air permit applications where you can learn about the status  of the facilities."

Siembra NC, an organization of Latinx people working to secure rights for undocumented people in North Carolina, has announced an "immigrant solidarity fund" to help the families of people detained by immigration authorities. Siembra NC also trains volunteers and builds community defense groups to help the resistance against ICE.

We know that there is no accountability for ICE activities without us  present,” Morales said. “We have seen ICE violate the constitutional  rights of our immigrant community members by making threats and breaking  car windows without warrants.…These volunteers will be trained to  safeguard the rights of their immigrant neighbors, protecting public  safety in all counties.”

You can donate to the fund here.

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