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I want to send a special thank you to Public Schools First NC for all of the information for this post.

On February 18, Public School Forum of North Carolina released its top education issues for 2020. The top education issues was "Take Immediate and Intentional Actions to Meet Our Constitutional Obligation to Provide Each Child a Sound Basic Education."

“The  urgent need to finally provide equitable educational opportunities to  our students should be heeded by all, regardless of political party, and  demands a dedicated, collaborative effort,” said Acting  President/Executive Director, Dr. Michael D. Priddy.

The Forum’s Senior Director of Policy, Dr. Lauren Fox stated,

“It is our hope that  our state elected leaders and policy makers can come together with  educators, families, community stakeholders and business leaders to  prioritize and invest in the public education system that is guaranteed  to each and every one of our children, so their constitutional right to a  sound basic education will be realized, regardless of their zip code.”
Read the full report here.

Read SNCB's December post regarding the Leandro report.

So basically to meet the critical needs recommended in the Leandro report, we must elect pro-public education candidates. We either need former educators in office or people who are willing to listen to our educators knowing that they are the experts. We need people in public office who are listening to parents too about what their children and families need.

Read more here from SNCB about voting with education in mind here.

Read more about the role of the NC Superintendent of Public Instruction here.

Read more about the Lt. Governor's race here.

Read more about issues and actions in education from NEA and make sure you are reading each candidate's  stance on education prior to voting. Read more from Patti's post about  how to find your candidates and learn about them. As Patti keeps reminding us in her posts, VOTE THE WHOLE BALLOT, from the bottom to the top.  State and local governments have a big impact on our daily lives! You'd  be surprised how many people don't vote the whole ballot since the  Republicans did away with straight ticket voting in 2013, check out this  Flip NC post.

It seems that most (if not all) offices touch public education in  some way. The policies of the President, make a huge impact on education. Take a look at the National  Association of Educator's page which compares presidential candidates on education issues. Furthermore, who can forget the train wreck that occurred when President Trump appointed Betsy DeVos to Secretary of Education. (By the way, you can take the pledge to fire Betsy DeVos here.)

Then moving on down the ballot, the NCGA makes laws that affect education and is responsible for funding (or not funding) our public schools across the state. Then our county commissioners oversee budgets for our local school systems so this is such an important job!

Let's get out there and vote for progressive candidates who are emphasizing education as a high priority.

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