Absentee voting by mail is underway, ballot request deadline is Feb 25. Details here.

It's time!! Early voting is underway and ends on Feb 29. VOTER ID IS NOT REQUIRED FOR THE MARCH 2020 ELECTION! Make your plan to vote NOW! Check out Patti's post to help find your candidates and learn about them.

Today I wanted to highlight the statewide race for Lieutenant Governor. So who should be our next Lieutenant Governor? As Stamp NC Blue, "our main focus is on flipping the state legislature, but we will urge voters to support progressive candidates up and down the ballot." (Read more here.) In the primary, we support progressive candidates, but we do not endorse one progressive candidate over another in the primary. That being said, the answer to "who should be our next NC Lieutenant Governor?" will be determined by the people between now and March 3 as we vote for our leader who will represent our progressive values. We expect our next Lieutenant Governor to emerge victorious against the Republican candidate on November 3 from among these primary candidates:

Chaz Beasley, http://ChazBeasley.com

Yvonne Holley, http://yvonnelewisholley.com

Ron Newton,  http://electronaldlnewton.com

Allen Thomas,  http://AllenThomasJr.com

Bill Toole,  http://votebilltoole.com/

Terry Van Duyn, http://votevanduyn.com

So please take time to decide who you think will best represent the people. Thanks to Kate for posting about the Lieutenant Governor primary debate in her post last week. Be sure to read back through that as well as visiting Vote 411 to compare candidates. Finally, if you are like me and needed to read just a little more about their positions on the issues (you know I've got my eye on education), their campaign websites are above.

Speaking of issues, the environment is an issue we should all have our eyes on. Let me take a minute to put in a plug for our friends at Neighbors on Call who are hosting, Taking on NC Environmental Policy with Lisa Sorg of NC Policy Watch on Tuesday, February 25 from 6:30-8 PM at the Orange County Public Library (137 W Margaret Ln, Hillsborough). Lisa Sorg, award-winning environmental reporter at NC Policy Watch, and NoC’s Environmental Policy Team will talk with the Neighbors on Call policy team about environmental justice, climate change action, and the state-level policies and regulations we should be fighting for. I know this event will get some ideas churning as many people head out for the last few days of early voting.

So knowing my typical Monday posts, you may be thinking this one was a little light on education tonight. Well, it's not over yet. ;) As I wrap up my thoughts on who should be our next Lieutenant Governor, I feel compelled to remind you who does NOT deserve to be our next Lieutenant Governor. Yep, you guessed it, that would be Mark Johnson. I'd like to say that it is not personal, but I feel that at this point as a parent and an educator, it is. Mark Johnson took office as our NC Superintendent of Public Instruction with the illusion that he would lead our state in what's best for education. Instead he betrayed our trust in so many ways and this week has been no exception. On Tuesday, "NC schools superintendent texted a half million parents and teachers to get feedback on Common Core." So what's the problem? Critics question the sincerity of Superintendent Mark Johnson’s proposal to end Common Core. Could it be a political stunt? He has not seemed very concerned with what educators have been saying we need for the last three years, but it seems a bit convenient to start gathering some info. (and get people thinking he's interested) just as early voting began for the primary. So now, Superintendent Mark Johnson hit with ethics complaint over email, text message blasts. (Just in case you are interested, Here’s how to file an ethics complaint if you believe an elected official is campaigning using state resources.)

Also, I wanted to point out how in his publicity stunt, Mark Johnson seems to have given some incorrect information – maybe on purpose or maybe unknowingly, who knows. Either way, it is concerning, because our State Superintendent should know the ins and outs of standards and of course there's the whole ethics issue in question.

So from a fierce education advocate (and educator AND parent), Justin Parmenter:

North Carolina’s State Board of Education voted in April 2017 to revise literacy standards and in June 2017 to revise math standards.  Standards were rewritten and the changes were later implemented at the classroom level.

The  degree to which the standards changed varies by subject area and grade  level, but for Mark Johnson to claim that North Carolina’s schools are  still teaching Common Core is just false.  As state superintendent he is  obviously quite well positioned to know that.

Read more from Justin here.

So when you are talking to your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about who will best represent the people of North Carolina in various public offices, remind them of how some of our public officials like Mark Johnson have not represented us well in their current offices and how it's our obligation to ensure that they do not represent us in public offices in the future. Mark Johnson sent emails and texts to at least 800,000 people. That's great free publicity for him. So remember to share Mark Johnson's motivation widely. Fool us once, shame on us. Fool us twice – NOT GOING TO HAPPEN MARK JOHNSON!

Also, at election time, let's not forget that Mark Johnson keeps company with Phil Berger. (Read more here: The Head of DPI is Not Mark Johnson – He’s Just the Most Enabled Man in Raleigh and Jul 11, 2019: Politicians, Privatizing Public Schools for Profit, and Mark Johnson Must Go!.) Did I mention that the mission of Stamp NC Blue is to flip the state legislature? :)

Let's Stamp NC Blue!

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