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There is new information related to the Leandro report this week. A huge thank you to Public Schools First NC and their newsletter for their excellent summary:

Judge David Lee issued a consent order this week. He is requiring the State of NC and the State  Board of Education to develop a plan of action within 60 days. Included were seven components that any plan of action must include. These are:
A system of teacher development and  recruitment that ensures each classroom is staffed with a high-quality  teacher who is supported with early and ongoing professional learning  and provided competitive pay.
A system of principal development and  recruitment that ensures each school is led by a high-quality principal  who is supported with early and ongoing professional learning and  provided competitive pay.
A finance system that provides  adequate, equitable, and predictable funding to school districts and,  importantly, adequate resources to address the needs of all North  Carolina schools and students, especially at-risk-students as defined by  the Leandro decisions.
An assessment and accountability  system that reliably assess multiple measures of student performance  against the Leandro standard and provides accountability consistent with  the Leandro standard.
An assistance and turnaround function that provides necessary support to low-performing schools and districts.
A system of early education that  provides access to high-quality pre-kindergarten and other early  childhood learning opportunities to ensure that all students at-risk of  educational failure, regardless of where they live in the State, enter  kindergarten on track for school success.
An alignment of high school to  postsecondary and career expectations, as well as the provision of early  postsecondary and workforce learning opportunities, to ensure student  readiness to all students in the state.
Read more about the order here.
On  Thursday, the Governor’s Commission on Access to Sound Basic Education  adopted its final report. Early childhood education, improving teacher  pay, expanding the NC Teaching Fellows and changing the system of giving  schools an A through F grade based on their performance were some  priorities mentioned.
The  Commission also mirrored the WestEd report in finding that state  education funding is inadequate. Phase I Actions from West Ed  and  Initial Priorities can be found here.
Read more details about this important story here.
Catch up on the basics with our NEW Leandro fact sheet and find more information on our website .

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I will be anxiously awaiting the plan of action that the State of NC and the State Board of Education come up with in the next 60 days. Also, I hope to see many of the priorities laid out by the Governor’s Commission on Access to Sound Basic Education in the plan of action. Stay tuned.

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