On Friday the 13th, UNC's Board of Governors is meeting to orchestrate their $2.5 million payout to white supremacy. The racist cowards at the BOG negotiated behind closed doors "settle" a lawsuit that had no legal standing and had not yet been filed. Come out bright and early to tell the Board of Governors that their Silent Sam Sham is morally reprehensible and puts our communities at risk. NO Payout. No BOG. No Racist UNC. Friday, 12/13, 7:45 AM - 9:45 AM, Center for School Leadership Development UNC-CH.

Five months ago I first posted about Istation. Read from Jul 1, 2019: More Screen Time for our Students Thanks to Superintendent Johnson about why the choice to go with Istation was concerning and about how the State Board of Education (SBE) denied the request of 88 school  superintendents to delay the start of Istation for one year to give  teachers time to get acclimated to the new instrument.

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Again, more details are above, but the year delay was not granted for the Istation start date.  Per Justin Parmenter,

Johnson said in a conference call with State Board of Education members [in June], “We want to go ahead  and get into schools but give all of September, October, November,  December to be months where students and teachers are learning this new  tool and then no metrics are measured until January.”
Essentially what this means is there will be no measurement of  student achievement for official benchmark (EVAAS) purposes until the  school year is halfway finished.  However, training and practice with  the computer-based tool for kindergarten to third grade students [is] . . . already underway.

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) issued a temporary stay against the Istation contract, but then a memorandum of understanding was put in place between the Department of Public Instruciton (DPI) and Istation. Istation agreed to allow the State to use their product for free during this time so some districts proceeded. Others waited and are just now starting to implement. December is the middle of year point for year round schools as is January for traditional.

Prehearing statements have already been heard, and the DIT hearing with Istation and mClass was supposed to take place in early December. Then, it was postponed until January. As of last week, Istation and the DPI filed a motion saying that

unless a reconsidered ruling on Petitioner's Motion for Stay is filed by noon on December 9, 2019, Respondents will be forced to seek relief in superior court.

So there's been some talk but no decision about whether or not the stay should remain. I really hoped the hearing would have taken place in December, and I further hoped the contract would have been found to be invalid. I really hoped we could minimize time spent on Istation in classrooms and stop this before middle of year data was collected. But here we are. We are days away from getting started at my school, and my conversations about refusing Istation for my kindergarten son are continuing. (Sigh...) So now we wait to see what happens after tomorrow's noon deadline.

Contact your state legislators here, your local superintendent here (directory by last name), and your local school boards here. Also, don’t forget to contact your local school principal to ask questions and express concerns.

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