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Well, the clock has run out for new districts for 2020, and it's a mixed bag. As we've noted before, the state legislative districts are better - we have the best chance in a decade for flipping both chambers, with the House well within reach and the Senate a tougher climb, but possible.

The saga around the thirteen US Congressional districts ended on December 2, when a three-judge panel (two Democrats and one Republican) decided unanimously that it's too late to change them for 2020, so the recent Republican re-draw will stand. The Democrats were not happy with the process or the outcome of the Republican's "quick and dirty" re-draw, done with little regard for transparency or public comment. The new map shifts the balance from ten "safe" Republican and three "safe" Democrat seats to eight and five, respectively, with little chance for any swing districts. The two Republicans likely to lose their seats are George Holding (2nd District, now entirely in Wake County) and Mark Walker (6th District, now all of Guilford and part of Forsyth). Neither has yet announced their reelection plans.

Curious to dig a little deeper into these new maps? Here's a great crystal ball analysis of what the district changes could mean for specific representatives. And it turns out there are four mobile homes that are split between two districts and other oddities, hunh?

Judge Ridgeway commented, “Although one can certainly argue that the process was flawed or that the result is far from ideal, the net result is that the previous grievously flawed 2016 congressional map has been replaced.” True, and I'm not popping champagne, are you?


The judges acknowledged that time was a major factor, with the suit being filed in late September and candidate filing for the March 3 primary starting on December 2. Although the judges didn't mention it in their decision, some observers also had expressed concern about the financial burden on smaller counties of having two spring primaries, which could have been necessary had the Congressional filing period been delayed by the court decision.

And yet... we've been waiting a DECADE for fair districts, and the results of the 2020 election will determine which party is in control of the redistricting based on the 2020 census. This judicial decision lands us in the national news once again, and as usual, not in a good way: New York Times (paywall), "A Win for Gerrymandering." Excerpts from NC Policy Watch.

Billy Ball published an impassioned essay in NC Policy Watch on Wednesday, it's worth a read. A few quotes:

  • Yet we find ourselves in the loathsome position of voting, yet again, with a set of congressional maps drawn with the intention of creating a desired outcome for the majority party. The majority leadership has, based on its lusty embrace of partisan and racial gerrymandering, lost all devotion to representative democracy.
  • These circumstances today should inspire more than a lamented sigh and a desolate shrug of the shoulders. It should inspire righteous anger... I mean to conjure the anger that fuels your most justified advocacy, the fire that brought tens of thousands to Raleigh on a weekly basis for Moral Monday and the fire that inspires us to inform every single citizen why gerrymandering, whether it’s your party or their party, will ruin us all.
  • Feel that anger. Indeed, feel it white and hot in your guts. Because if there is anything in this moment that plays to the majority leadership’s advantage, if there is anything that our unrepentant gerrymanderers want you to feel, it is nothing at all.


  • What are YOU doing to make that happen? Need a reminder about your options?
  • Attend a "Draw the Line" Town Hall this month! Democracy NC is sponsoring them in Greensboro/Guilford County (Dec 5), Fayetteville/Cumberland County (Dec 9), and Greenville/Pitt County (Dec 10).
  • Show up at candidate forums and events, call/email every candidate (even the ones you don't support) and DEMAND NONPARTISAN REDISTRICTING IN 2020. Let every candidate know that this is a major issue for you.
  • Learn more about redistricting options and what you can do:

We've said it before, we'll say it again -


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