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Our intrepid blog team is taking a break this week, we'll be back on December 1. As Kate said on November 20, the NCGA came close to breaking its record for longest session ever. They'll be back in mid-January, and with the threat of another BLUE WAVE in November 2020, there's no telling what they'll try to ram through. For better and worse, this session is finally over, and we're giving ourselves a week to recover.

We're grateful this Thanksgiving for our amazing Stamp NC Blue team of volunteers, from the lead volunteers to all of YOU - people who value and work for justice, equality, respect, and compassion for every one.

As coordinator of this blog, I want to give a big shout-out of gratitude to writers Kate Capehart and Michelle Craig and graphic wizards Michele Sager and Eunice Chang. They find time in their busy lives to devote hours each week to researching, writing, and creating images for the posts you see here, as well as serving as postcard captains and writers when we're in postcard-writing mode. Here's a Thanksgiving share, Grateful, by Nimo, featuring Daniel Nahmod.

For folks who care about the truth, here's a reminder of the truth behind the romantic myth of our country's Thanksgiving from the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian.

If you're spending Thanksgiving with folks who see the world very differently, we feel for you. Each of us has to figure out how to navigate those waters in ways that honor our personal convictions and model the modicum of respect and compassion we value. Search "how to survive Thanksgiving with politics" to get ideas and see what might work for you. Good luck!

Lastly, I sometimes struggle with connecting to authentic gratitude in the face of everything I see happening in our country and the world - the climate crisis, injustice, xenophobia, hatred, genocide and war, starvation, the list goes on. I return to an On Being interview titled Anatomy of Gratitude with Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk and social justice activist.

"You can’t be grateful for war in a given situation, or violence or domestic violence or sickness, things like that. There are many things for which you cannot be grateful. But in every moment, you can be grateful. For instance, the opportunity to learn something from a very difficult experience — to grow by it, or even to protest, to take a stand — that is a wonderful gift in a situation in which things are not the way they ought to be. So opportunity is really the key when people ask, 'Can you be grateful for everything?' — no, not for everything, but in every moment."


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