Register with Flip NC for a December 8th SUPER Canvass coordinating with grassroots volunteers across NC. Join an existing  canvass or knock on doors in your area with a few friends. Details at  the link.

Join the Coalition for Health Care of NC on Nov 21 for "Get Out the Vote for Health Care,"  featuring representatives from several Triangle-based progressive GOTV  groups, plus inspiration from Gerald Givens, Jr, of the Raleigh-Apex  NAACP! Stanford Warren Library in Durham, 6:30pm.

We  are finalizing our Stage 2 postcards focused on the 2020 primary election and are eager to get them out to our writers early in the new year.  After that, we'll be focused on getting postcards ready for the general election in November 2020.

We've got an amazing group of 69 Postcard Captains who participated in  Stage 1 this fall. We have room for 31 more to join us. Interested?  Here's what you'll be committing our commitment when you join us for Stages 2 & 3:

  • You must commit to participating in both Stages 2 & 3.
  • Registration deadline is November 30!
  • SNCB-PAC  will mail you a pack of 100 pre-addressed postcards, postcard stamps,  and suggested talking points for each stage (100 for Stage 2 in early  2020 and 100 for Stage 3 in late summer/early fall 2020).
  • You  are responsible for ensuring each postcard gets the necessary  handwritten message and is mailed. How you make this happen is up to  you! You can write them all yourself, divvy them up with friends &  neighbors, reactivate a 2018 team, host a postcard party, etc. --  whatever is right for you!
  • The  total cost for 2 packs of postcards (1 pack of 100 sent for Stage 2 and  1 pack of 100 sent for Stage 3) is $100 and must be paid in full upon  registration to be a Captain.
  • Have other questions?  Check out our FAQ page here. REGISTER TO BE A POSTCARD CAPTAIN HERE. Registration deadline is November 30.
    Our  entire SNCB Lead Volunteer team is extremely grateful for the hard work  and dedication of all our current and past postcard writers. And we're  excited to add 31 more people to this group to get out the vote in 2020!

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Disclaimer: Stamp NC Blue is a subsidiary of SNCB PAC. SNCB PAC is not authorized by, financed by, or affiliated with any candidate or campaign. Questions? Contact

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