Friday was a big day in North Carolina news. (Thank you to Wake North Carolina Association of Educators for the summary.) The Governor signed H377, the teacher steps bill; vetoed S354, the public school employee salary bill  (see veto document here); and vetoed  S578, the corporation/franchise tax bill (see veto document here). The Governor vetoed S354 because he wanted all educators to get a more deserving raise including our non-certified staff.

Here are conditions that exist right now:

-  The legislature proposed a raise that gave most teachers no raise. The teachers it did give raises to varied and were nowhere near what our  veteran teachers deserve after years of not being rewarded. (Read our post last week for more details.)

-  S354 gave our non-certified staff a 1% prorated raise (.83% for  10-month employees) this year with a possible 1% the following year.  They passed 2.5% raises for all other state employees, guaranteed for this year and next, earlier this fall.

-  If it had passed, the corporate tax bill, S578, was going to eliminate approximately $1 billion in tax revenue for the state of NC.

The days of putting corporations and other private interests above public education have gone on long enough. We can still fight for a 5% raise for all public school employees. Schools across NC are holding walk-ins or targeted #RedForEd pictures on Wednesday when our legislators return. School staff, students, parents, and community supporters are asked to participate. Please contact your local school or your local NCAE to see how you can get involved. Also, see this event posted on Facebook.

Furthermore,  a petition is being circulated to put revenue that would have been lost to corporate taxes into educator raises and the expansion of Medicaid. In the introduction of the petition, NCAE Organize 2020 says

Who will the NCGA take care of - kids or corporations? . . . On Wednesday, November 13th, the NCGA has the opportunity to make a choice. Will they provide adequate funding for public education? Or will they continue to starve our schools while providing tax cuts for wealthy corporations?

This is about more that raises. This is about the disrespect that NCGA leadership continues to show public education. Let's show them that we are #InThisTogether Sign the petition and gather at your local school Wednesday morning wearing red to show support and stand united.

Read more about the Governor's vetoes and hear his statement here.

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