Urgent update 3pm, from Democracy NC re: Congressional redistricting hearings going on NOW. The NCGA has opened a public comment portal as part of the process. No telling how long it will be open, so comment NOW! Key points from Democracy NC:

  • Draw Congressional maps that protect voters of color and other targeted populations by drawing districts that reflect the requirements of the Voting Rights Act and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment
  • Provide ample opportunities in the coming weeks for in-person public comment and robust debate of new maps that incorporate that feedback in the creation and alteration of districts
  • End any redistricting processes that use race and partisan considerations to drive how and where we vote.

Join Flip NC for a December 8th SUPER Canvass! FLIP NC is coordinating with grassroots volunteers across NC for a statewide SUPER CANVASS on December 8. The message is simple: When we knock, we win!

Join the Coalition for Health Care of NC on Nov 21 for "Get Out the Vote for Health Care," featuring representatives from several Triangle-based progressive GOTV groups, plus inspiration from Gerald Givens, Jr, of the Raleigh-Apex NAACP! Find out what YOU can do to support health care reform in 2020! Stanford Warren Library in Durham, 6:30pm.

I wrote two weeks ago on why it's worth focusing on the NCGA when the whole country seems to be falling apart. Everyone we know is paying attention to the presidential campaigns and what the polls show day by day for the Democratic candidates and how they stack up against the president. The presidential campaigns are important, of course, AND we need to begin educating people RIGHT NOW about the importance of voting the WHOLE BALLOT, from bottom to top.

Our friends at Flip NC have dug into the data - we LOVE the way they do that - and written about why we can't rely on the top of the ticket when it comes to down-ballot voting. Here are highlights from their recent post:

  • Critical NC races that we NEED to WIN will be way down on the long ballots next November.
  • The GOP has actively worked since they gained control of the NCGA to suppress down-ballot voting, focusing specifically on young voters and communities of color. Though much of their horrible voter suppression bill was overturned by the courts, the elimination of straight ticket voting remained. In 2016, the first presidential election in which this took effect, a significant number of voters skipped down-ballot races.
  • "In 2016, across the 60 contested NC House races, an average of nearly 2,000 voters in each NC House district cast a ballot without voting in the NC House race (“under votes”). To put that into context, in 2018, 18 NC House races were decided by less than 2,000 votes."
  • In 2018, more than 10% of voters in several key districts split the ticket, e.g., voting for the Democrat for the NC House and the Republican for the NC Senate (or vice versa).
  • Name recognition seems to be a major factor, so it's important to get ready for these crucial down-ballot races NOW.
  • Check the two events at the top of this blog, last week's blog, and the mid-section of this blog from mid-October to find ways you can help.

example of a long, complicated ballot

Flip NC also just published their guide to next year's most competitive NC House and Senate districts, based on the recently approved new district maps. In the NC House, "Democrats need a net gain of five seats to break even and six seats to take the majority, which will mean holding almost all of the current Democrat-held seats while winning in some even more challenging districts than those we flipped in 2018." On the Senate side, "To take the majority, Democrats will need to win in three districts with a partisan lean favoring Republicans by 5 to 8 points. While this is a bigger swing than what is needed to flip the pivotal seats in the NC House, there are fewer vulnerable Democrat-held seats to defend in the NC Senate."

Check to see if your districts are on the list and find out what you can do to help keep them in or flip them to Democratic hands. Read more about the recent court ruling on NCGA redistricting and what it means for 2020 here.


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