Help Get Out the Progressive Vote!

Stamp NC Blue (SNCB) is looking for dedicated volunteers to support our postcard campaign to get out the vote (GOTV) in NC leading up to the 2020 election!

We did amazing work in 2018: sending over 35,000 postcards to more than 16,000 registered North Carolina voters with a network of 500+ volunteers across our state (and some in other states)!



The Postcards and Messages

Stage One–Fall 2019, completed!
North Carolina passed a voter photo ID constitutional amendment. While there are still questions about its implementation, SNCB send postcards to targeted voters to make sure they are prepared to vote in 2020.
Stage Two–Early 2020: Primary season!
We’re sending a message early in 2020 that NC progressive voters are showing up to vote, starting with our “Super Tuesday” primary slated for March 3. There's a slim chance this could be delayed depending on court rulings about pending redistricting cases, we're following this closely.

Stage Three–Fall 2020: The main event!
We want to make sure all North Carolinians make their voices heard and vote all the way down the ballot!

Join us and be a postcard captain!

Stage 1 is closed, we'd be happy to welcome you for stages 2 & 3!

Your commitment when joining us for stages 2 & 3:

  • You must commit to participating in both stages 2 & 3.
  • SNCB-PAC will mail you a pack of 100 pre-addressed postcards, postcard stamps, and suggested talking points.
  • You are responsible for ensuring each postcard gets a handwritten message and is mailed. How you make this happen is up to you! You can write them all yourself, divvy them up with friends & neighbors, reactivate a 2018 team, host a postcard party, etc. -- whatever is right for you!
  • The total cost for two packs of postcards (one pack of 100 sent for stage 2 and one pack of 100 sent for stage 3) is $100 and must be paid in full upon registration to be a Captain. For more on costs, see the FAQs.

Ready? Join us now for stages 2 & 3!

Already participating and need to make a financial contribution?
Already a Captain and looking to make your contribution for Stage 2 and/or 3? Use this link.
Already on a Team and looking to make a community contribution (non-Captains only)? Use this link.
Not interested in signing up for anything, but want to contribute to our postcard campaign anyway? Use this link.

Do you have QUESTIONS?? There are lots of answers HERE.

Do you want to do EVEN MORE?? Find other great GOTV groups HERE.

Got your PLAN to GOTV in 2020? Hooray, here's your Halloween treat!


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Disclaimer: Stamp NC Blue is a subsidiary of SNCB PAC. SNCB PAC is not authorized by, financed by, or affiliated with any candidate or campaign. Questions? Contact info@stampncblue.org.

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