URGENT: Republicans in the state Senate have just sent notice that they  intend to call a vote MONDAY NIGHT (That's tonight!!) to override Gov. Cooper’s veto of the  GOP’s state budget proposal. Senate Democrats Need To Hear From You RIGHT NOW! Click here and in less than a minute send a letter.

Other Calls to Action and Events:

NC Policy Watch journalist, Lisa Sorg, is talking about environmental policies at the NCGA on Tues, Oct 29, 6:30pm, Orange County Public Library in Hillsborough. Details here.

Join Neighbors On Call for voter registration/ID training on Nov. 7, 6:30 - 8 pm, Durham SW Regional Library.

Click this link for more.

About the veto override vote, here's more from Progress NC Action:

If the GOP is able to override Gov. Cooper’s veto on a state budget  there will be no Medicaid expansion. Our public school students will  continue to get short-changed. Another corporate tax cut goes into  effect.
The GOP will NOT have enough votes to override the veto IF no  Democrats vote for the GOP override, and IF no more than one Democrat is  absent from the vote.
Support from all Democrats in the NC Senate is crucial and  appreciated because if one Democrat votes for the budget, or if two  Democrats are absent during a veto override vote, the GOP will be able  to ram through a budget that shortchanges schools and refuses to expand  Medicaid.
Please take a moment to send Sen. Davis a quick note of thanks and  encouragement for showing up, standing up, and keeping up the fight for  better budget priorities for the state of North Carolina.

If you haven't clicked the link to send your email. Click here now. It is quick. ;)

Because the GOP has still not been willing to negotiate on the budget, they have been passing mini bills. Read more here about HB 377 which gives teachers step increases. This still leaves veteran teachers with nothing, does not include classified workers, and gives principals "salary increases and bonuses if their school was in the top 50 percent in the state for educational growth."

Read more here also including how Governor Cooper offered to negotiate teacher raises separate from Medicaid Expansion as the blame game continues.

While some GOP leaders are saying there is not enough money for Cooper's proposed 8.5% increase over two years for teachers, they found enough wiggle room to propose corporate tax cuts. According to NC Policy Watch, "the legislature’s Fiscal Research office estimates the franchise tax  provision will reduce revenue by $240 million in the first year, and  grow to $270 million in Fiscal Year 2023-24." It seems that GOP leadership has prioritized big business over education again. Read more here.

However, Friday, talk turned back to taking a vote to override Governor Cooper's veto. This is planned for tonight. First there was talk that the NCGA session would end in October. Now we are hearing that the NCGA will be in session next week, then the House will be out for two weeks, and we are not sure how long the Senate will be out. The plan seems to be that both chambers will come back. There could be another mini budget bill next week depending on whether or not negotiations happen with teacher pay. Listen and read more here. We will see how this proceeds after tonight's planned vote.

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