Reminders & actions first:

  • Have you voted in your municipal election? If not, click here for info about early voting sites and hours (now through Nov 1), your sample ballot, and how to learn about your local candidates. Election day is Nov 5. Photo ID is NOT required for 2019 elections! Remember you can register to vote or update your registration only during early voting, not on election day.
  • Join Neighbors on Call on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 6:30 PM – 8 PM at Orange County Public Library (137 W. Margaret Ln., Hillsborough, NC) to hear environmental journalist Lisa Sorg discuss Taking on NC Environmental Policy, a look at environmental justice, climate change action, and the state level policies and regulations we should be fighting for.
  • Two contacts to make this week about SB 559, Duke Energy rate hikes. Find background info, a brief script, and email links to Gov Cooper and your NC House representative at NC Warn. More on this from NC Policy Watch.
  • Just in from Carolina Public Press: "Two loopholes in North Carolina’s sexual assault laws could close as legislators hammer out last-minute changes to three bills in a bipartisan conference committee this week." Call your NCGA senator and representative to demand support for these long-overdue bills!
  • Not too late for the calls Kate suggested in yesterday's post!

Senator Berger continues to talk about ending this endless session by Oct 31, with or without a full budget. A number of "mini-budgets" have been passed and signed by Gov Cooper, but Berger continues to stonewall about discussing even the Republican-sponsored, watered-down Medicaid expansion bill. Read about that and actions you can take RIGHT NOW to try to get the NCGA to move on this important, life-saving legislation. Word is it may be heard next week - and we've heard that word before, so who knows?


It's still possible that the Senate could try to over-ride Cooper's budget veto, though Berger has publicly stated that any such vote would be announced 24 hours ahead of time, and Democrats continue to say they're united in supporting Cooper's veto. Listen to this brief audio commentary from NC Policy Watch about why the lack of a budget deal endangers NC's fiscal health. Good update on the waning days of this session from WFAE.

This real-time example of the NCGA's dysfunction seques beautifully into a
recent blog post from Flip NC: DC is a sh/tshow, why is Flip NC focused on the state legislature? At Stamp NC Blue, we're sometimes asked the same question. Highlights from the blog, which is worth the quick read:

  • NC is the canary in the coal mine for the country, with the Republicans using their supermajority (until 2018!) to pass harmful and often unconstitutional legislation.
  • Flipping one chamber of the NCGA would have a huge national impact because of the new Congressional maps that will be drawn after the 2020 census, when NC is expected to gain a 14th House seat. With fair maps and an evenly divided delegation, we could pick up four House seats and have seven (instead of three) Democratic representatives in Congress.
  • The NCGA has a significant effect on our daily lives - think public education, environmental quality, Medicaid expansion, women's rights, racial & economic equality, and gun control for starters.
  • We (the progressive groups working on the 2020 elections) want our efforts to make a difference. State races can be won by slim margins, so grassroots volunteers can make an important difference.
  • My personal add-ons: we have a real chance to replace Senator Flip Flop Tillis, AND a bunch of NC judicial seats on the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are open and need to stay in Democratic hands.

There are LOTS of ways to get involved, check last week's post for links to groups that are doing great get out the vote work already. NC Wins sends an informative weekly email with upcoming events and important news - subscribe and submit your events here. Neighbors on Call also has a good weekly email and policy update. AND don't forget it's not too late to register as a postcard captain with Stamp NC Blue for our 2020 winter and fall stages!

Working together, we will make this happen!


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