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Two weeks ago, we wrote about the six Democratic candidates for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction. There still are no Republican candidates, but Republican Rep. Craig Horn says that he may run. Read more from WRAL's interview with Rep. Horn. Horn says he probably will not run if current Superintendent Johnson decides to run again, but it is still a consideration.  

Educational bloggers are saying that Rep. Horn will have to "answer to North Carolina educators for every single vote he has cast since he was elected to the legislature in 2010." (Read Parmenter's follow up comments on twitter for more information about Rep. Horn's "anti-public education legislation.")

Read more from Justin Parmenter on Why Representative Craig Horn would be a terrible state superintendent.

Stu Egan, who writes Caffeinated Rage, wrote his thoughts about Rep. Horn running in This Veteran Teacher Would Never Vote For Rep. Craig Horn As The State Superintendent For MANY Reasons. Read as he details several concerning quotes from Rep. Horn relating to education and a long, long list of his questionable voting record.

We'll be waiting to hear what Mark Johnson's plans are moving forward, but neither Sup. Johnson nor Rep. Horn have a good reputation for being a friend of public education.

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