The hourly/daily news from DC can be consuming, but let's not forget that most of us have a 2019 election - municipal elections on Nov 5. VOTER PHOTO ID IS NOT REQUIRED FOR 2019 ELECTIONS. Share these social media graphics from the non-partisan You Can Vote!

How do you know if you have a local election? The easiest way to find out (which also confirms your voter registration) is to click here, enter your info, search, then click on your highlighted name to open your voter record. You'll see your upcoming election dates and sample ballot. At the very bottom of your voter record page, you'll see a link to your county Board of Elections, where you'll find the early voting schedule and sites. Early voting for the Nov 5 election is Oct 16-Nov 1. The League of Women Voters site,, also shows what's on your ballot and includes candidate campaign website links and Q&As.

Local elections MATTER and can turn on a handful of votes. The results of a Democracy NC analysis of the 2015 local elections showed that in 69 cities, the mayor or a town council member won election by five or fewer votes and in 31 cities, ONE VOTE decided an election! The mayor and city council make decisions about local taxes, water, sewer, garbage, road repair, public housing, police and fire departments, parks and recreation, public transportation - all of which affect our lives every day.


As soon as you've earned your 2019 "I Voted!" sticker, it's (past) time to start working for 2020. We have a Super Tuesday primary on March 3 and the general election on Nov 3. Do you love to meet people and knock on friendly doors? Phone calls your thing? Maybe you enjoy writing postcards. There's something for everyone!

  • Stamp NC Blue just finished stage one of our plan, which was sending postcards with voter photo ID info to targeted NC voters. Stage two will focus on a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) message in Jan/Feb before the primary, and stage three is GOTV for progressives in the early fall for the Nov election. There's time to register as a captain or hook up with one for the last two stages, find info and links here. Be sure to read the FAQs 😀
  • Flip NC is canvassing in Wake and Alamance counties.
  • Neighbors on Call is canvassing across the Triangle and Triad.
  • The non-partisan group, You Can Vote, is rolling with multiple voter registration events and volunteer & photo ID trainings around the state. They have a great library of voter info handouts for 2019 and 2020 in English and Spanish that you can print and share locally.
  • The non-partisan voting rights group, Democracy NC, has lots of options to get involved. Find their up-to-date info to share about 2020 voter photo ID here. Maybe you'd like to sign up to be a local Board of Elections monitor or a vote protector at the polls in March or Nov!
  • NC Wins has a calendar of upcoming events and will post opportunities for canvassing, phone- and text-banking, and letter writing as the primary approaches.

Meredith College just released the results of a new poll of ~1,000 NC voters, roughly equal number of Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated. A few things jump out at me, it's worth scrolling through the whole report:

  • "North Carolinians are much more satisfied with the direction of the state than the direction of the country. Just over a third of respondents (34.6%) were satisfied with the conditions in the country with almost two-thirds (60.3%) being dissatisfied. A majority of Republicans (58.2%) were satisfied with the direction of the country, while almost 80 percent (78.4%) of Democrats were dissatisfied. Those calling themselves independent were closer to the Democrats’ perceptions with just over two- thirds (66.9%) of this group stating they were dissatisfied with how things are going in the country."
  • "President Trump’s job approval ratings have fallen to just under 40 percent (39.9%)... 'The most significant factor affecting President Trump’s decline in job approval ratings among North Carolinians is his loss of Republican support,' said McLennan."
  • "North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper remains the political figure in the state who citizens think is doing the best job, as his approval ratings remain “above water” with almost half of the respondents (48.6%) approving of the job he is doing with just under a third (32.1%) disapproving his work as governor."
  • "President Trump polls well against five of his potential Democratic rivals—Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg. The president averages 38 percent support against the five potential Democratic nominees, with Joe Biden running strongest against the president, with 34.8% percent support from North Carolinians. In every matchup we tested, at least 1-in-5 North Carolinians stated they wanted “someone else,” rather than Trump or the listed Democratic candidate. Also, when we asked whether people supported President Trump or a name randomly chosen from the phone book, this Trump opponent polled stronger than any of the candidates listed by name."
  • Seriously, scroll through the report.

We have our work cut out for us in 2020, we can do this!


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