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Privatization of public education is not a new idea. We posted about it in July, Politicians are Privatizing Public Schools for Profit, but it has gathered more attention recently in NC, so I thought it important to post about it again.

This weekend, Public Schools First NC held a conference, Impact of Privatizing Public Schools: A Crisis in the Making. (Click here for resources from the conference including the agenda, speaker bios, charts, and resources for privatization and segregation). You can also access recorded sessions from the conference:

In June, NC Policy Watch published, Nine ways in which “school choice” and its overzealous backers are harmful to NC public schools which included:

1. Charter schools and vouchers create budgetary pressures on traditional public schools
2. Charter schools exacerbate the racial segregation of public schools
3. Choice advocates promote biased school performance grades to stigmatize traditional public schools
4. Charters are increasingly turning into an investment scam for real estate investors
5. As measured by standardized tests, charters appear to be delivering inferior results
6. The Opportunity Scholarship voucher program subsidizes  discrimination and religious indoctrination while costing the state  millions each year
7. Charter advocates prioritize taking money from traditional  public schools of trying to increase funding for all schools
8. Voucher and charter advocates emphasize private benefits to education, eroding the idea of education as a shared, public good
9. Debates over choice distract policymakers from providing adequate funding and supports to help all students succeed

Read more here from NC Policy Watch: It’s time to hit the reset button on the privatization of public education.

Finally, earlier this month, the first debate between candidates for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction discussed school choice and privatization of education. Read more from the News and Observer's coverage to find out more on how each candidate stands on the issue.

Privatization of public schools is an issue we need to keep in mind when we are preparing to vote in 2020 for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction and other offices.

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