Attend the Memorial Delivery and Medicaid Expansion Legislative Hearing sponsored by Health Action NC on Tuesday, Oct 1, 9a-12N at the NCGA.  "Join us in delivering a memorial luminary that has a photo of someone  who died in the coverage gap to every legislator in the NCGA. Following  the delivery, there will be a Legislative Hearing on Medicaid expansion  hosted by Senator Dan Blue and Rep Darren Jackson in Committee Room 1128  in the General Assembly at 11am."

Governor Cooper vetoed the NCGA budget on June 28. The need for Medicaid expansion and better teacher raises were among his top reasons. (For more on Medicaid expansion click here.) Educators remain dedicated to help put pressure on state senators to sustain Governor Cooper's veto. Members of North Carolina Association of Educators and supporters planned to be present at the NC legislative building throughout the day on Monday, September 30 including being present in the Senate Chambers Monday evening in anticipation of a vote to attempt to override the governor's veto. However, due to changed plans (no vote on Monday), members and supporters will postpone their trip. This is the second time an all day event has been planned (in anticipation of a Senate vote) and postponed.

NC Policy Watch reported that NCAE and Progress NC Action has asked all Democrat Senators to pledge to sustain the vote. (See more here.) All but two, Sen. Toby Fitch from (D-Wilson) and Sen. Valerie Foushee, (D-Orange), have either pledged or released statements supporting Gov. Cooper's veto. You can ask your senator to sustain the budget veto by clicking here. You can also call or email Sen. Fitch (919) 733-5878 and Sen. Foushee (919) 733-5804 to urge them to pledge to sustain the veto.

Though educators won't be at the NCGA Monday, a post from Guilford County Association of Educators on the postponed event page urged supporters to "stay plugged in so that we can mobilize if and when a rapid response to Raleigh is needed."

We do not know when the Senate will hold a vote to override the veto, but according to Sen. McKissick (per NC Policy Watch), Senate leadership is required to give the minority party 24 hour notice before a vote is held. Also, Sen. McKissick said the Democrats will be there and ready to sustain the veto. Let's keep putting pressure on them!

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