Let's start with a CALL TO ACTION! Tell lawmakers to vote AGAINST HB 74!

State lawmakers are proposing a gimmick that will hurt the chances of getting the best budget for our families and communities.
House  Bill 74 proposes to distribute a portion of revenue that has come in  above what was expected to certain individuals rather than investing our  tax dollars for the maximum impact on the public structures that help  North Carolina thrive.
We  need you to tell your legislator to reject this scheme and work toward a  final budget that clearly and comprehensively invests in our collective  well-being.

Click here for more information and to tell legislators to reject this scheme.

Now for a few legislative updates courtesy of our friends at NC Child:

No movement on the budget  override this week, but Speaker Moore and President Pro Tem Berger  announced a strategy shift at a press conference on Wednesday. The House  and Senate will begin passing piecemeal bills to fund isolated sections  of the budget, including measures to fund Medicaid Transformation,  teacher pay, and state employee pay. The Senate initiated this  strategy with legislation to fund Medicaid Transformation and state  correctional officer pay increases. The House will roll out bills next  week to fund teacher and state employee raises. It’s unclear how  Governor Cooper will respond to these “skinny” budget bills, but we  should find out soon.
Here's a rundown of this week’s action:
Managed Care Funding
HB555 would  provide funding and statutory changes needed for the launch of Medicaid  managed care this November. Specifically, the bill includes the  Medicaid and Health Choice rebase along with an allocation of more than  $250 million for the transition to managed care. The bill also includes  $72 million in cuts to NC DHHS administration. HB555 passed the Senate  Health and Finance Committees this week.
Child Welfare
HB918 would  expedite the permanency process for children ages 0-3 in foster care.  Many advocates, including NC Child, are concerned that the legislation  would undermine efforts to reunify families. The bill passed the Senate  Health Committee, but stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
ICE Cooperation
HB370,  which requires sheriffs to cooperate with ICE detainers, passed the  House this week and was immediately vetoed by Gov. Cooper. It appears  that legislative Democrats will be able to sustain his veto.

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