Lots of announcements and opportunities today:

  • Have you written to the NC Board of Elections about human-readable paper ballots yet? It's not too late, but it will be on Aug 23! It's all here, get to it!
  • The NC NAACP is looking for voters who would have a difficult time obtaining one of the “acceptable” IDs & would be willing to attest to the difficulties they would face. For example: college students at one of the colleges whose Student IDs were not approved (many of the HBCUs), elderly voters, or others without an acceptable ID who may live far from their county DMV & County Board of Elections. If you know of anyone, they may contact Forward Justice: with the subject line “Voter ID” or call 877-880-VOTE.
  • Last call before we order our fall voter photo ID postcards; if you've been thinking about signing up as a poscard captain, do it now! Find nine folks to chip in $15 each (to cover hard costs for three postcard rounds), register, and you're all set! You'll find details and answers to LOTS of your questions here - be sure to read the FAQs and check out the links!! PLEASE SHARE THIS widely. Round up some friends, gather some colored pens, and get ready to STAMP NC BLUE IN 2020!
  • Early voting has started for the NC CD-9 re-do election on Sept 10. That's the Bladen County mess, which has resulted in multiple charges for several people, though not the former Republican candidate, yet). Sign up here for virtual phone-banking for Dan McCready!
  • Sept 10 is also election day for NC CD-3, the Congressional seat left open by Walter Jones's death. Although considered a conservative district, Allen Thomas (D) has good name recognition and is running a hard race. Donate or volunteer here.
  • RSVP for the free Neighbors on Call Election Skills Fair on Sept 15, 2-4pm, Seymour Center, Chapel Hill. Meet NC Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls (we wrote postcards to help elect her in 2018!) and NC State Senator Jeff Jackson, plus a bunch of other progressive NC legislators and candidates. Learn about the 2020 voter photo ID requirements and how YOU can best help get out the vote for NC's progressive candidates in 2020 - in addition to writing postcards 😀 RSVP.

And yes, we're still waiting for the Republicans to come to the table to negotiate the budget that was supposed to start on July 1.It's 44 days and counting since Gov Cooper shared a compromise offer that would close the health care coverage gap, raise teacher pay, cut taxes for people and guarantee school construction while balancing the budget and saving money in the Rainy Day Fund. We know that Medicaid Expansion is the public face of the Republican leadership's opposition, but it's part of a larger strategy to undermine state government: "... by refusing to negotiate and thereby allowing a drastically watered-down version of last year’s budget to continue running – a stopgap scenario set in place by GOP leaders a few years ago to prevent government from shutting down altogether – Berger is effecting numerous additional program cuts that abet the far right’s ultimate mission of eviscerating and privatizing essential public structures and services (what right-wing blowhard Grover Norquist once so disturbingly described as shrinking government “to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub”). NC Policy Watch.

Republican leaders Sen Berger and Speaker Moore visited NC A&T and UNC-Greensboro last week (aka "the head in the sand university tour) to tout university capital improvement projects in their budget that would benefit these and other schools - neglecting to mention that Gov Cooper's budget includes the same funding. Progress NC Action compiled a list of ten questions for the leaders, any of which would make great tweets (@senatorberger, @nchousespeaker) or emails (,, just saying...


Speaker Moore continues to play schedule games, hoping for a moment when not enough Democrats are present in the chamber so he can override the budget veto. AND the cost to taxpayers of this extended session has topped ONE MILLION DOLLARS! And the meter will keep running, despite the commitment of the Democrats to block a veto override.


What can we do? Tweet and email your legislators (cc Berger & Moore, above), write a letter to the editor of your local paper ("how to" guide from the League of Women Voters). Make noise! Public pressure is the tool we have, and rank and file Republican legislators are getting tired of this game, too. NC deserves better!


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