Update: The NC NAACP is looking for voters who would have a difficult time obtaining one of the “acceptable” IDs & would be willing to attest to the difficulties they would face. For example: college students at one of the colleges whose Student IDs were not approved (many of the HBCUs), elderly voters, or others without an acceptable ID who may live far from their county DMV & County Board of Elections. If you know of anyone, they may contact Forward Justice: with the subject line “Voter ID” or call 877-880-VOTE.

We're close to ordering our fall voter photo ID postcards, so if you've been thinking about signing up as a poscard captain, do it now! Find nine folks to chip in $15 each (to cover hard costs), register, and you're all set! You'll find details and answers to LOTS of your questions here - be sure to read the FAQs and check out the links!! PLEASE SHARE THIS widely. Round up some friends, gather some colored pens, and get ready to STAMP NC BLUE IN 2020!

You can be forgiven for losing track of where things stand with the NC State Board of Elections (NCSBE), it's been a saga. Catch up here, here, and here. The most recent event was Gov Cooper's appointing a new person to the board to replace the former chair, Robert Cordle, who resigned after telling an off-color, inappropriate joke to a group of 600 election workers in late July. The new member, Damon Circosta, is also an old member, having served as the unaffiliated representative on the 9-member iteration of the Board that was created by the Republicans, then dissolved by the courts. Circosta is a registered Democrat now, which of course triggered howling on the part of Republican leadership, who would never ever in a million years consider doing such a partisan thing, right? More from WRAL.


What happens next is really important. The NCSBE is meeting on August 23, 1pm, and reconsideration of certification of voting systems is on the agenda. The non-partisan League of Women Voters says it better than I can in this email dated Aug 10: "Recent NCSBE meetings, having to do with certifying new voting systems for the state of NC, have raised some concerns...

Background: By the 2020 elections, all 100 North Carolina counties must use paper ballots or machines that produce paper ballots. Of the 3 new voting systems under consideration for certification, two use paper ballots with marks that are human readable. The 3rd system satisfies the paper ballot requirement by generating a strip of paper that looks like a cash register receipt containing a bar code. The bar code is then interpreted by the tabulating machine to register the voter's choices.

Issue: Since most people cannot read bar codes, if a voting system uses a bar code to represent the voter's choices, then the voter cannot verify that their intent is what is being recorded as their vote. The voter could have made an error in marking their choice; the software could have a bug in it and inaccurately translate their choice into the bar code; and the possibility of the system being hacked is real. In all 3 situations, the voter cannot tell by looking at the bar code on the paper ballot, generated by the machine, and verify that their intent is indeed being counted.

Many advocates, including LWV members, want the NCSBE to require voting systems to only tabulate votes via marks on a human-readable paper ballot - so that voters can see that the choices they made are what will be tabulated."

Here's what every one of us must do ASAP, by Aug 21
Email the NCSBE Director, Karen Brinson Bell:
(a) request that your message be forwarded to the board, and
(b) encourage the board to approve the new requirement that all ballot marking equipment must produce human-readable marks on a paper ballot and that the votes will be tabulated using the human readable marks.

Extra credit if you can:
Attend the NCSBE meeting and help influence the board on this very important topic:
Friday August 23 1:00PM
430 N Salisbury Street (Dobbs Building, 3rd Floor boardroom), Raleigh
Location, Directions, Parking information

Emails and attendees made a difference when the Board met in late July, they were surprised at the amount of public input on this issue. We did it before, let's do it again!

Human-readable paper ballots help ensure election security and confidence!


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