We're close to ordering our fall voter photo ID postcards, so if you've been thinking about signing up as a poscard captain, do it now! Find nine folks to chip in $15 each (to cover hard costs), register, and you're all set! You'll find details and answers to LOTS of your questions here - be sure to read the FAQs and check out the links!! PLEASE SHARE THIS widely. Round up some friends, gather some colored pens, and get ready to STAMP NC BLUE IN 2020!

We're all a-twitter about 2020, but did you know that most of us have a 2019 election around the corner? Many counties, cities, and towns have municipal elections this fall, PLUS the big NC CD-9 US Congressional election on Sept 10. By the way, if you're interested in virtual phone-banking for Dan McCready, you're in luck.


So how do you know if you have a local election this fall? The easiest way to find out (which also confirms your voter registration) is to click here, enter your info, search, then click on your highlighted name to open your voter record. You'll see your upcoming election dates (likely a primary and general) and sample ballots when they're available.

Most fall elections will have a primary on Oct 8 and a general election on Nov 5, but a few may have the general election on Oct 8. Early voting dates fall between Sept 18 and Oct 4 for the Oct election and between Oct 16 and Nov 1 for Nov. At the very bottom of your voter record page, you'll see a link to your county Board of Elections, where you'll find the early voting schedule and sites when they're available. Charlotte/Mecklenburg is the only county with a Sept city council election. Find all the 2019 candidate lists by county here.

Local elections MATTER and may be decided by fewer than ten votes! The mayor and city council make decisions about local taxes, water, sewer, garbage, road repair, public housing, police and fire departments, parks and recreation, public transportation - all of which affect your life every day. PLUS the Republican leadership in Raleigh pays attention to turnout in local elections, and we want to send a message that we're paying attention, we're involved, and we're VOTING.


Get Ready for 2020!
You already know what Stamp NC Blue is doing if you've read this far, share it with a friend!

Our friends at Neighbors on Call are hosting an Election Skills Fair on Sept 15, 2-4pm, Seymour Center in Chapel Hill. Meet NC Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls (we helped elect her with our postcards last year!) and NC Senator Jeff Jackson as you learn about 2020 key races, best practices, canvassing 101, voter photo ID, and MiniVan training - PLUS ice cream and great people!

The happy canvassers at Flip NC also are knocking on doors already. Sign up now for one of their upcoming canvasses in Wake and Alamance Counties.

The non-partisan group You Can Vote is rolling with multiple voter registration events and volunteer & photo ID trainings around the state. They have a great library of voter info handouts for 2019 and 2020 in English and Spanish you can print and share locally.

Democracy NC is holding "For the People" forums around the state. Find their up-to-date info to share about 2020 voter photo ID here. Maybe you'd like to sign up to be a local Board of Elections monitor!

Local county Boards of Elections also are holding 2020 voter photo ID seminars, find them here.

County Boards of Elections are beginning to recruit paid poll workers for fall 2019. This is a perfect job for anyone looking to get more involved in elections and help voters at the polls. Many counties are even hiring student voting assistants! If you are interested in working during early voting and on Election Day, contact your county BOE to apply.

So many ways to get involved - which ones work best for YOU?



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