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A lot has been written in education circles about the lack of transparency of NC Superintendent of Public Instruction, Mark Johnson, but it is important to bring this information to a broader group.  YOU vote, and if a NC superintendent isn’t working for public schools then we need to  make sure he is exposed, and is not elected into office again. His lack of transparency leads us to show him  for what he really is. Sending home glossy color handouts to parents, waving in 4th of July parades and sending emails saying how valuable teachers are – we see through your facade. You are not working for our students and teachers. You are working for your own self interest.  

Thanks to Stu Egan, Caffeinated Rage, who has done a remarkable job rounding up Superintendent Johnson's multiple references to being transparent. Read more here about his false claim of transparency including school report cards and funding public schools. Stu also points out how the whole Istation fiasco (read our post from last week for more information) is another example that Mark Johnson has been anything but transparent.

Where was the transparency with the Istation procurement was announced immediately after traditional teachers stopped work for the summer? Where was the transparency when the procurement process, which included a team of experts, was stopped and another team was formed with little content knowledge? Where was the transparency when Mark Johnson chose Istation against the advice of the team? Maybe he was afraid we would find out that Istation is not suitable to screen for dyslexia (a requirement in NC law - read more here), among other flaws.

Where was the transparency when numerous public records requests were made and have still not been honored? Where is the transparency when instead of having someone answer emails, a generic email was sent from "Read to Achieve" with a long list of Q & A? Where was the transparency when Amplify (the company that NC has been contracted with for mClass prior to the Istation contract) filed a protest and NCDPI (headed by Mark Johnson) said no, you are too late filing (when they actually were not)?

Where was the transparency when ClassWallet and Istation hired the same lobbyist, Doug Miskew, to procure the contracts with the NC Department of Public Instruction? Read more here.

What is Mark Johnson scared of? What is his agenda? If he has nothing to hide, tell the truth and only the truth. Stop hiding behind twisted number comparisons to try to confuse the general public. Stop hiding behind the glossy prints and generic emails instead of facing the real issues. Stop pretending that you are here for the best interest of public schools when you do not listen to educators and only show real support to charter schools.

Step up and do the job of NC Superintendent of Public Instruction, the position for which you were elected, or step down.

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