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Happy Fourth of July - although it's tough for me to celebrate freedom today knowing the plights of so many people in our country, at our borders, and around the world who don't enjoy the freedom I have because of the color of my skin and when and where I was born. I was happy to see our friends at Tuesdays with Tillis get a huge turnout (police estimate was 325!) for their "close the camps" rally this week, plus a nod on Rachel Maddow and mention in Common Dreams, scroll down for a photo. Their steadfastness EVERY WEEK since the inauguration is inspiring!

Time to re-read our Declaration of Independence, feel inspired, and pick one thing to do TODAY to support "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for all.

  • NC Justice Center, Taking action on immigrant detention.
  • Friday, July 12th, 2019, Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Detention Camps. Find or register to host a local event. There already are NC events in Asheville, Black Mountain, Boone, Charlotte, Durham, Hickory, Raleigh, and Hendersonville.
  • Click here to see WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW to support Gov Cooper's budget veto and support Medicaid expansion and public education.

Our focus for this Fourth of July is a step towards preserving the one-person-one-vote bedrock of our democracy. We all remember that a requirement for voter photo ID became an amendment to the NC Constitution in 2018, albeit without critical implementation language, aka exactly what that meant. The NCGA wrestled mightily with that language and largely as a result of public and legal pressure and heavy lifting by the Democrats in the NCGA, it's not as terrible as it was initially. AND it's still in flux, as a three-judge panel is right now deliberating a case to halt the implementation of voter ID. A decision is expected by mid-July.

Whatever the court decides, remember that PHOTO ID IS NOT REQUIRED TO VOTE IN 2019 SPECIAL AND MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS!

Pending the court's decision, we have to assume that voter photo ID will be required starting with the March 2020 Super Tuesday primary. Kate wrote yesterday about S683 that restores the last Saturday of early voting (yeah!) and attempts to correct absentee voting loopholes. Check her post for actions around that bill.

The State Board of Elections (BoE) is developing new rules for absentee voting to include the photo ID mandate for 2020. They are accepting public comments through Friday, July 12 and will hold a public hearing on July 11th at 1:00 P.M. at the State Board of Elections (430 N. Salisbury Street, Raleigh). This deadline may well precede the court decision, so let's act now!

The non-partisan voting rights organization, You Can Vote, reports that "For many people, absentee voting is their only option. We assist people who have disabilities or lack transportation, are in assisted living facilities, students who wish to vote in their home district, non-English speakers who need more time to complete their ballot, and eligible voters who will be incarcerated during the voting period."

Let's support the most inclusive and secure photo ID requirements for absentee voting by submitting comments to the BoE public comment portal before the July 12 deadline! You can also submit your comments via email to or snail mail, Attn: Rulemaking, P.O. Box 27255. Raleigh, NC 27611-7255.

Here are You Can Vote’s recommendations for photo identification for absentee ballots. Be sure to include any personal perspective or experience!

  • More consideration for voters unable to access a photocopy machine.
  • Specific exception for eligible voters currently being incarcerated with no access to their photographic identification and unable to visit the county BOE.
  • Specific exception for voters in a hospital or senior facility who are unable to access identification or a copy machine and unable to visit the county BOE.
  • Specific exception for voters living on a campus of an institution that is not included on the list of those with acceptable student IDs.
  • Clarification of the process for overseas voters not needing any copies of ID.
  • Expand training for poll workers and chief judges to accommodate voters within the LGBTQ community, with specific sensitivity to photo identification that may not match physical appearance for Trans voters.
  • Clear rules for a process the voter can use if they are challenged or if their ID is not accepted by a poll worker. What is the next step for a voter to advocate for themselves and their right to vote?
  • Clarification that these rules will be posted in Spanish and all education pieces in the polling locations will be bilingual.

After you've submitted your comment, check out all the resources, trainings, and events on the You Can Vote website!


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