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Stamp NC Blue (SNCB) is looking for dedicated volunteers to support our  postcard campaign to get out the vote leading up to the 2020 election! You'll find details and answers to LOTS of your questions here - be sure to read the FAQs. PLEASE SHARE THIS widely! Round up some friends, gather some colored pens, and get ready to STAMP NC BLUE IN 2020!

Last chance to see the documentary, Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook, on June 25 at Southwest Library in Durham, sponsored by Neighbors on Call. Details here. While you're on the website, check out their burgeoning schedule of canvassing opportunities in June and July!

Stand with Immigrants: NC NAACP, NC Poor People's Campaign & coalition partners are holding a press conference Monday, June 24 at 11:00 at the NC General Assembly, 16 W. Jones Street, Press Conference Room (Room 1328), to voice opposition to HB 370.

Some of you have asked if Stamp NC Blue is involved with the NC CD 09 (McCready v. Bishop) special election on Sept 10. We are not, but our friends with the local Indivisible group are sending postcards. We’re sharing what they’ve shared with us in case you want to get involved! Note that the minimum commitment is for 1,000 postcards and the deadline for returning completed postcards to them for local mailing is July 24. It’s a big lift, and you may be part of a network that can manage it! Direct your questions to and order your postcards from

From Indivisible NC District 9:

We can't tell you how exciting it is to have groups and individuals across the country reaching out to help with this critical NC09 race.  Here at Indivisible NC District 9 (ID9) we have been working to flip this district since we began, 2.5 years ago!

We WANT this win SO BADLY! We NEED this win so badly! North Carolina is struggling with democracy itself and the country is watching. We want to send a message to the Republicans in Congress with this race. "Be very afraid of 2020!" But we know this race will likely be incredibly close due to the very red, gerrymandered district that it is. It will all come down to turnout. And these postcards will certainly help with that.

Our goal is sending 50,000 postcards, targeting all of the base Democrats in NC09. That's a huge task for our small group, but luckily we have groups like yourselves who are chipping in. We have commitments for up to 35000 already!

Indivisible Sonoma County has committed to doing 6000 postcards for us and Indivisible Minutemen, Swing Left Boston and sister group in MA are writing nearly 10000! Indivisible Hawaii is even writing postcards for us! What a countrywide effort. We are so appreciative. Every little bit helps.

Due to the unique campaign finance laws surrounding special elections, we have created our own postcard and specific nonpartisan messaging. Unlike other postcard writing campaigns, we are asking groups to ONLY use our specially designed postcard and messaging. And the good news: they are cheap! Only 5 cents/postcard! Our minimum mailing quantity is 1000 postcards.  We want to mail the postcards on a specific date, locally, so we ask that the completed, bundled, stamped cards be returned to us by July 24th.

Let me know if you or your group would like to pitch in. We will send you postcards, instructions (with messaging), and voter addresses with your confirmation. You supply the stamps, 35 cents/postcard.

Contact if you would like to see the messaging, order postcards or have more questions. Thank you for your support!

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Disclaimer: Stamp NC Blue is not authorized by, financed by, or affiliated with any candidate or campaign. Questions? Contact

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