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Stamp NC Blue (SNCB) is looking for dedicated volunteers to support our postcard campaign to get out the vote leading up to the 2020 election! You'll find details and answers to LOTS of your questions here - be sure to read the FAQs. PLEASE SHARE THIS widely! Round up some friends, gather some colored pens, and get ready to STAMP NC BLUE IN 2020!

Last chance to see the documentary, Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook, on June 25 at Southwest Library in Durham, sponsored by Neighbors on Call. Details here. While you're on the website, check out their burgeoning schedule of canvassing opportunities in June and July!

Now, turning to Raleigh... lots happening in committees. Here's a run-down of a few recent actions:

  • We posted an alert on Friday about H370, Require Sheriff Participation with ICE. After urban sheriffs spoke against this bill and a contentious Senate Judiciary committee hearing on Wednesday, the bill heads to the full Senate for a vote. Here's another recent editorial against it. Keep up the pressure by contacting your NC senator and NOW; it may be voted on as soon as today/Thursday. Contact Gov Cooper to urge him to veto it if/when it arrives on his desk. Sign up for alerts and more actions around this bill from the Stop HB370 Coalition here. Sign a petition to Gov Cooper here.
  • S90, originally titled Protect Religious Meeting Places, has been gutted and replaced with Modify Handgun Permits. Currently, a person must secure a permit from their county sheriff for each handgun they purchase. The new bill would allow an individual to buy an unlimited number of handguns over seven years with a single permit and background check - because nothing could change over seven years, right? More from WRAL and North Carolinians Against Gun Violence. The bill was scheduled to be heard in the Senate Judiciary on Tuesday, but it disappeared from the calendar Monday night and is not on the current daily calendar. Same action as above, contact your NC senator, the Judiciary Committee (emails here), and to object.
  • One of the mandatory BIG bills, S315, The NC Farm Act of 2019, passed the Senate and heads to the House to be discussed first in the Agriculture Committee. It's a mixed bag that includes support and regulations for the hemp industry, loosened hog farm regulations, and more shooting ranges on farms. More at WRAL, Carolina Journal, and USNews. Something you support or object to? Contact your NC representative.
  • Ready for a positive bill with bipartisan support? H770, Freedom to Work, despite its ominous name (we're used to Republican bills having titles that reflect the opposite of their content), would update existing legislation to create employment opportunities for people with criminal records and limited financial resources. "...more than 70 private boards and public agencies set licensing standards for approximately 180 different licensed occupations, and these occupations account for about 1/3 of all the jobs in the state. The standards currently in place tend to exclude people with criminal records and those who cannot afford extensive education and training." This bill changes that. Read a joint statement from the NC Justice Center and John Locke Foundation - ya don't see many of those! It was passed by the House and is working its way through the Senate, it should come up for a full vote soon. Let your NC senator know you support this common-sense, bipartisan bill.

And one more time before we go...

LEARN MORE AND SIGN UP HERE. Be sure to read the FAQs! 😎

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