Update: Sept 6, 2019.

Thanks for checking this page. Stage 1 (Voter Photo ID postcards) is closed, but we're enrolling new Captains for Stages 2 (March 2020 primary) & 3 (Nov 2020 general election). Please visit this link for updated info, thanks. Let's work together to Stamp NC Blue in 2020!

Help Get Out the Progressive Vote!

The US Supreme Court upheld the partisan electoral maps in North Carolina (more here), drawn to favor the election of Republicans to the NCGA, so it's up to us more than ever to GOTV! Stamp NC Blue (SNCB) is looking for dedicated volunteers to support our  postcard campaign to get out the vote in NC leading up to the 2020 election!

We did amazing work in 2018: sending over 35,000  postcards to more than 16,000 registered North Carolina voters with a  network of 500+ volunteers across our state (and some in other states)!

The Postcards and Messages

Stage One–Fall 2019:
North Carolina has passed a voter identification amendment. While there are lots of questions about implementation, SNCB is acting now to make sure everyone is prepared to vote in 2020.

Stage Two–Early 2020:
Primary season! We’re sending a message early in 2020 that NC  progressive voters are showing up to vote starting with our “Super  Tuesday” Primary on March 3.

Stage Three–Fall 2020:
The main event. We want to make sure all North Carolinians make their voices heard all the way down the ballot!

Your Commitment

Postcard Captains must commit to SNCB for all
3 stages.

  • For each stage, SNCB will mail Captains packs of 100 pre-addressed postcards and postcard stamps.
  • Captains are responsible for ensuring all cards are  mailed! You can write them yourself, divvy them up with friends and  neighbors, reactivate a 2018 team, host a postcard party - whatever is  right for you!
  • The total cost for 300 postcards is $150. Postcard  Captains must pay $50 now to reserve their space and commit to one of  two options covering the remaining balance of $100: (1) engage in  specific fundraising efforts with SNCB or (2) pay the balance  themselves. (For more on costs, see the FAQs.)

Sign up today to be a Postcard Captain and help get out the progressive vote!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Stamp NC Blue?

We are a scrappy crew of blue unicorns! And also we’re this and this.

What will be the exact timing of the postcard efforts?

We are still working out exact timing, but we are currently looking at “mail by” dates for completed postcards of late October 2019, early February 2020, and early October 2020.

What will the message/point of our postcards be?

For stage 1: info on voter ID requirements, stage 2: general get out the vote for the primary, stage 3: vote progressive/blue (maybe with specific candidates named, tbd).

Who will the postcards be going to?

Registered North Carolina voters within target demographic groups where our postcards had the greatest impact in 2018. All postcard recipients will be either registered Democrats or progressive-leaning unaffiliated/independent voters.

Will my postcard packs be for the exact same 100 people all three stages?

Probably not. As we move from stage 1 to 2 and 2 to 3, we’ll likely pull out as many “undeliverable” addresses as we can (found out via “return to sender” mail) and fill in new names as we’re able. For this reason, as well as general logistics and the sanity of our management team - we won’t be able to ensure you get the same people in each stage.

Can I just commit to one stage of 100 but not all three?

No - both logistics and the sanity of our management team require a “one size fits most” solution, so we are only able to work with Postcard Captains who can commit to all three stages.

I picked up my postcard packs last time, can I do that again this time?

No - we’re not offering local pickups this time. Both logistics and the sanity of our management team require a “one size fits most” solution so all postcard packs will go out to Team Captains via USPS mail.

I’d rather purchase my own stamps, can I do that?

No - both logistics and the sanity of our management team require a “one  size fits most” solution so all postcard packs will be identical (100 pre-addressed postcards with stamps).

I’d rather create my own postcards, can I do that?

No - there are logistics and liability reasons why we’re providing the postcards rather than asking you to create your own. There are other “create your own” postcards to voters efforts though and we completely understand if you think that’s a better fit for you.

I can’t afford to pay to participate, is there another option?

Unfortunately, no. We are asking each Postcard Captain to pay $50 now  and then commit to paying - or fundraising - the remaining $100. We  understand that the financial requirements to participate may be a  barrier for some people. The reality of this type of effort is - there  are actual costs involved and every penny we are asking for goes to  cover the costs of printing and addressing the postcards, covering the  costs of the postcard stamps, and mailing out the packs to Postcard  Captains. There will be no remaining profit to cover the costs for  people who can’t afford to pay. All of us are volunteers and we all have  to pitch in (with time and money) to make this a success!

I just want to write postcards, not be a Captain.
I'll be a Captain, but I want to find people to help write the postcards.

Stamp NC Blue is NOT coordinating teams or matching writers with Captains. We ARE providing this Facebook link where writers and Captains can find each other. Post in the comments whether you're a writer looking for a Captain or a Captain looking for writers and include your town/area. We suggest that after that you connect via PM to share contact information privately.

I’m working with a Postcard Team, how do we deal with paying our $150?
Here's what we suggest:

  • Someone (you?) signs up to be a Postcard Captain.
  • The Captain pays the $50 initial contribution. Captains may choose to ask team members to reimburse them directly for that before or after signing up.
  • The Captain sends out this link to the rest of the team members to ask them to pay their part and let her/him/them know when they've done so. After they select their contribution amount, a second screen will open that allows them to indicate they are a team member and enter the Captain’s name.
  • Once the team has hit or passed the $100 online contribution mark from team members, the Captain will email us at info@stampncblue.org with names & amounts, we'll double-check the contributions, and we're all set!
  • It's also perfectly fine for Captains to pay $150 and collect contributions directly from their team members if they choose.
  • Stamp NC Blue is NOT reimbursing Captains. Captains who pay $50 or $150 upfront may be reimbursed directly by their team members - that's up to the Captain to request and arrange. The donation link above goes to Stamp NC Blue to cover the $100 balance if the captain has paid only the $50 deposit and wants team members to contribute the balance.

Why is this so much more expensive than it was in 2018?

We totally see how it seems that way but the truth is - our cost per  postcard sent is actually slightly lower than it was in 2018. The  difference is in how we’re raising the money to cover it. In our 2018  effort, we asked each individual postcard writer to contribute at least  $25. Most teams had 10 people on them and we tried to raise at least  $200 per team. We’re recruiting Captains rather than individual writers  this time around. Since Postcard Captains have more flexibility in how  they get the postcards written for our 2019-2020 effort, we can’t rely  on teams to raise a certain amount. However, for Captains who are  forming teams, they are certainly welcome to request contributions from  their team members (and the end result could easily be less than $25 per  person).

I can’t commit to helping raise money, is there another option?

If you cannot pay the whole $150 yourself and cannot commit to paying  $50 and working with SNCB to raise the other $100, unfortunately no -  there is no other option. The reality of this type of effort is - there  are actual costs involved and every penny we are asking for goes to  cover the costs of printing and addressing the postcards, covering the  costs of the postcard stamps, and mailing out the packs to Postcard  Captains. There will be no remaining profit to cover the costs for  people who can’t afford to pay. All of us are volunteers and we all have  to pitch in (with time and money) to make this a success!

I’d like to contribute more than $150 - can I do that?

Of course! Thank you! Here’s a link to our general fundraising effort.

How do I sign up for more than 100 postcards?
Another of our favorite questions! Complete another Captain's registration form and make the appropriate payment.

I've heard that postcards aren't the most effective get out the vote (GOTV) tactic, why are you doing postcards?
It's true that postcards/writing campaigns are not as effective as some other GOTV efforts, in-person canvassing in particular. It's also true that many people want to participate in GOTV efforts, but canvassing is not for them because of physical challenges or other reasons. The same is true with texting and phone banking. We have found that there are people who are willing and able to commit to postcard writing and not to other GOTV efforts and/or who can fit postcard writing in at times and places where other forms of GOTV work are not practical.

Postcard efforts like ours are part of a groundswell of work aimed at turning out voters; they don't replace canvassing, phone banking or texting - not to mention voter registration, tabling at community events, and otherwise donating time and money to candidates and causes. We hope that some of our postcard writers will find the experience rewarding and inspiring enough that they will add other forms of activism to their personal arsenal.

We used FLIP NC's analysis of our 2018 postcard efforts to help us refine the focus of our 2019/2020 project. In 2018, our postcards were most effective among older white voters. There also were data that suggested an oversaturation of efforts aimed at other specific voter demographics. Our 2019/2020 effort will primarily target older white voters, most likely in rural areas and places that are not likely canvassing locations, who are either registered Democrats or progressive-leaning unaffiliated voters and who vote in some, but not all, elections.

I have another project/campaign idea for Stamp NC Blue, who can I tell it to?

We are fully committed to this project and aren’t able to consider  others - regardless of how great or worthy or time-sensitive they are.  However, we’re happy to give you a quick tutorial on how we’ve organized  our efforts so you can consider launching your project/campaign  yourself!

I’d like to join the management team, how do I do that?

Yay! Start by emailing info@stampncblue.org and put “Volunteer for Management Team” in the subject. Thank you!

I have a different question.

Great - email us at info@stampncblue.org.

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Disclaimer: Stamp NC Blue is not authorized by, financed by, or affiliated with any candidate or campaign. Questions? Contact info@stampncblue.org.

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