We don't usually post on Fridays, but there's an important bill being heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday morning: H 370, Require Sheriff Cooperation with ICE. From NC Policy Watch: "An ICE detainer is a request for local law enforcement to hold individuals they believe are not lawful citizens in jail or prison for up to 48 hours until the federal agency can take custody and begin deportation proceedings. The individuals targeted by detainer requests are typically otherwise eligible for release from jail or prison.

The detainer requests are not judicial orders signed by any court official, and they are not arrest warrants that require any kind of finding of probable cause. Because they are requests, local law enforcement can choose whether to enforce them or not, and most urban areas across the state have chosen to only work with ICE as much as the law requires (which means not volunteering to honor those requests or any others from the federal agency)."

The current version of this bill requires that sheriffs who refuse to comply could be REMOVED FROM OFFICE by a Superior Court judge. Several sheriffs - notably those from the large-population urban areas of Durham, Wake, Guilford, and Mecklenburg - were elected in 2018 running on a platform of NOT cooperating with ICE more than the minimum required by federal law.

Read more about this:
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Now ACT by contacting the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to let them know you oppose this state overreach that will make our communities LESS safe by discouraging Latinx people from contacting the police, make taxpayers shoulder the unreimbursed costs to local sheriffs and jails, and put local officials at risk of costly lawsuits related to ICE actions. Plus overriding the wishes of voters in counties that elected sheriffs based on their stated position of NOT cooperating with ICE beyond what is already required by law.

Here are their emails to copy & paste:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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