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Today we celebrate all mothers. Happy Mother's Day to all who are mothers by birth or adoption, mothers of animals or ideas, women who serve as mentors to others and those that take care of their communities.

This post is all about mothers! First, please support Black Mama's Bail Out Action 2019. Many black women are sitting in jail because they cannot afford bail. Read more here.

Next, let's look at why American moms are seriously struggling. In this article, the ideas of lack of paid leave (including related policy), lack of family benefits, child care costs, division of labor, and mom shaming are discussed.

Finally, thanks to the North Carolina Justice Center for their Mother's Day wish list for the NC Legislature:

1) Pass the NC Families First Act (HB 696) – Establishes a statewide paid family medical leave insurance program.  Working people would be able to access paid leave for serious medical  issues affecting them or their families, making it easier for working  moms and grandmothers to heal from childbirth or serious illness, and be  there for their family members when they need them most.
2) Pass the Healthy Families & Workplaces/Paid Sick Days Act (HB 422/SB 234) – Allows working moms in NC to earn up to seven paid sick days  annually, which could be used to go to the doctor, recover from illness  or care for a sick child. The paid sick time could also be used by  survivors or sexual assault, domestic violence or stalking to access the  court system, interact with the police and seek medical and mental  health care.
3) Pass the Enact Healthy Pregnancy Act (SB 558)   – Allows people who are working while pregnant to request reasonable  accommodations, such as increased water and bathroom breaks, and changes  to work tasks involving heavy lifting and other activities that put  pregnant moms and their babies at risk.

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