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Last week, we looked at the structure and (dys)function of the NC General Assembly (NCGA), NCGA 101. We noted that at the beginning of the session, there's usually a flood of bills being introduced, some of which are quite outrageous, and most of which will never become law. There ARE some bills that have caught the eye of our amazing researcher, Sheila Denn, who is tracking every bill introduced in the House & Senate and keeping a list of major bills we support and what we don't want to see the light of day. We'll look at a few of them today.

We've seen four bills attacking women's reproductive rights introduced so far, mirroring a national trend:

Some of these bills were introduced and went nowhere in 2017, but the atmosphere around restricting abortions has intensified since then, so we need to watch out for these.

Is your NCGA representative on the Judiciary Committee or Health Committee? If so, let them know what you think about restrictions on reproductive freedom and privacy.

As we said last week, the chances of killing a bill are greatest when it's in committee, so it's up to us to pay attention and speak up at the right time. For these women's rights bills, that time is NOW.

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