This is not a happy Valentine's Day for our friends and neighbors who are afraid of being picked up by ICE if they leave their homes to go to work or pick up their children at school. We're outraged by the recent uptick in ICE sweeps and arrests around the Triangle and across the state, so we're putting ACTIONS FIRST today. Scroll down if you need to catch up on the news about this.

What you can do

  • Contact Gov Cooper, your NCGA legislators, your US House Representative, and Senators Tillis and Burr to let them know you find these targeted raids to be unacceptable and you firmly believe they make your community less safe, not more safe. Find their contact info here.
  • Find out if your county sheriff is participating in ICE actions and let them know how you feel about their decision.
  • Sign these letters/petitions: ACLU of NC, Siembra NC.
  • Contribute if you can to the Liberation Not Deportation regional fund established by El Centro Hispano. For more information about the fund, contact El Centro Hispano at 919-687-4635 or The Hispanic Liaison at 919-742-1448. Read about it in the N&O. Siembra NC has a GoFundMe set up for families in the Triad. Mi Maletin is a legal aid group providing support to affected families in Durham.
  • If you know a family who needs help, refer them to:
    • The Hispanic Liaison, (919) 742-1448 in Chatham, Lee and Randolph
    • El Refugio, (919) 352-9709 in Lee
    • El Centro Hispano, (919) 687-4635 in Durham, Orange and Wake
    • El Pueblo
  • If you know people who would benefit from raid text alerts, share RadarSafe Raleigh and Alerta Migratoria NC. Durham residents can get ICE alerts by texting @siembra4 to 81010; use @siembra1 if you're in Alamance, @siembra2 if in Guilford, or @siembra3 for Forsyth. You can report possible ICE activity at 336-543-0353.
  • Learn what to do if you see a raid or arrest and how to be an ally:
    • Facebook image series from the Latinx Caucus, UNC School of Social Work. Click through eight images.
    • Hotlines for reporting raids/arrests you observe:
      • Comunidad Colectiva (Charlotte): 980-533-5721
      • RadarSafe (Wake County): 1-800-559-8714
      • El Vínculo Hispano/The Hispanic Liaison (Chatham/Siler City): 919-742-1448
      • Compañeros Inmigrantes de las Montañas en Accion (Asheville): 828-713-5124
      • Alerta Migratoria NC : 984-377-2622
    • Share ACLU Know Your Rights guides (available in several languages)
    • Download the Mobile Justice NC app to record/upload any raids or police actions you observe.
    • Learn how to responsibly share info about ICE raids on social media, Lifehacker
    • Check out this Indivisible toolkit on how you can be an immigrant ally locally.
  • Please share other ideas and resources in comments below!

Here's what's happening:

  • ICE agents in NC arrest hundreds of immigrants, WRAL
  • ICE tearing families apart in historic raids across NC, NC Policy Watch
  • ICE defends NC raids, saying sheriffs releasing dangerous individuals, AP
  • ICE admits ramping up NC immigration enforcement in response to urban areas not working with them, NC Policy Watch
  • ICE raids in NC provoke frustration and outrage, Patheos

ICE Atlanta Field Office Director Sean Gallagher calls this "the new normal". We need to stand up for our friends and neighbors and affirm that THIS IS NOT NORMAL!

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