And we're off! The 2019 legislative session of the NCGA officially began today. If you're particularly political, or have a lot of free time, or are a little bit of a glutton for punishment, here's an updated handy guide for how to track what's happening.

Start with the NCGA's website. On the landing page you can view which bills each chamber is considering, what actions are taken on those bills, and each chamber's detailed calendar. Also bookmark the NCGA's Legislative Calendar. This is where you'll find a broader view of the session, including things like committee meetings, press conferences, and general session business.

The House and Senate, as well as several committee rooms, have audio feeds for those extra-hungry for the political process, or who've run out of podcasts to listen to.

We have curated a handy set of links for you here, which includes how to locate your NCGA senators and representatives, and contact methods for the NCGA as well as other leaders in NC and nationally. You'll find a list of activist websites and tools that will become more important to utilize as the session and the year progresses.

Want to get more involved in local politics now that precinct meetings are underway? Get to know your districts here.

Phil Berger's Facebook page is here. Speaker of the House Tim Moore's Facebook page is here and their Democratic counterparts, Dan Blue and Darren Jackson, are on Facebook here and here.

If you're Twitter savvy, Gerry Cohen, Lauren Horsch, Jonathan Kappler, and Kirk Ross do a lot of good work in tracking the NCGA so you don't have to!

WRAL has a Wednesday weekly summary just like we do! They also post daily NCGA and general political goings-on at their @NCCapitol page.

Hopefully we've filled your toolkits with enough to get you through this next long– and it most likely will be long– session. This is a lot, so please don't think you have to use all of these tools all the time. If you feel yourself getting NCGA-fatigue, it's okay to step away for a while and refresh yourself. It'll all be here when you get back. Take care of yourselves!

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