The government shutdown continues to hit NC families hard - Vance County is dropping its school lunches to "minimum level" to conserve food. Tell Senators Burr (202-224-3154) and Tillis (202-224-6342) about this! Call as often as you can: "I'm a constituent calling to urge the senator to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government at pre-shutdown levels. School children in Vance County are getting "minimum lunches" with no fresh produce until this ends. What does the senator intend to do about this?"

Remember back in the summer when we were up at arms about including a question about US citizenship in the 2020 census? If not, refresh your memory. A federal judge in NY just ordered the White House to remove that question, though appeals are expected and it's likely to end up at the Supreme Court. Sadly, the Census Bureau has a plate-full of other problems that could interfere with an accurate census, including limited field testing, budget woes, hiring shortages, and the bankruptcy of the printer it was going to use. Close to home, on January 31, the NC Counts Coalition is hosting a free conference to bring together a broad set of stakeholders from across the state – including racial, ethnic, immigrant, housing, education, health, labor, business, and social service organizations, plus funders and state and local elected officials.

More on Moore - Tim, that is, Speaker of the NC House, from NC Policy Watch: "The Washington, DC-based Campaign for Accountability has filed a new complaint calling on state officials to investigate whether North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore acted improperly to seek preferential treatment from state regulators." More background from WRAL. Gives a new slant on a fox guarding the chicken coop.

How does the NC GOP respond as evidence of vote theft in NC CD-9 (Bladen County) mounts? By increasing demands to seat Mark Harris immediately, of course! Remind you of anyone?


Quick catch-up on recent CD-9 news:

  • Jan 11, documents were forged, WSOC-TV
  • Jan 11, Congress may resolve the disputed election, Greensboro News & Record
  • Jan 14, Harris argues in court that the state board (which doesn't exist until Jan 31) should certify his election, WRAL. That hearing is Jan 22.
  • Jan 15, GOP ratchets up its case to seat Harris by questioning the "entire legitimacy" of the state investigation. MN Post Bulletin (we're in local news in MN!)
  • Jan 15, GOP calls the investigation a "Democratic delay tactic." WRAL
  • Jan 15, In the summer of 2017, the chief prosecutor for Bladen County sent the head of North Carolina's State Board of Elections a series of increasingly insistent emails over the board's voting integrity concerns in his county. Guess what happened... WRAL
  • WSOC-TV continues to provide updated coverage, as does the N&O (limited free articles/month).
  • Tired of reading about this without being able to DO anything? Sign the Progress NC petition demanding that US Attorney Higdon investigate this vote theft.

Want to do more? Check this post for upcoming events and You Can Vote's event page for Martin Luther King Jr. events and voter photo ID community education forums across the state.

Forward together into 2019!

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