We need more than a fresh start in DC. Keep pressure on Senators Burr (202-224-3154) and Tillis (202-224-6342), call as often as you can: "I'm a constituent calling from ___ to urge the senator to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government at pre-shutdown levels. It's the duty of Congress to balance the presidency, the notion of not passing important bills because the president will veto them is not what the founders intended. Thanks."

The NC General Assembly (NCGA) long session begins on January 30, but they're already organizing, appointing committees, and making plans for the session. We're delighted that the Republicans no longer enjoy a veto-proof majority, and they're still in the majority, so our work isn't over. Lest there be any doubt, see if you can figure out which of these photos is of the NC House Republicans and which is the NC Senate Democrats (image credit: Richard Watkins).


You can see why we're excited about a fresh start - and wondering whether it will really be a fresh start. Here's a sample of pre-session news.

Here's someone who's showed up for public service for more than 40 years before retiring in 2018: Democratic Representative Mickey Michaux from Durham, the "dean" of the NCGA. Watch this half-hour discussion with him and be inspired - then decide how you and your family will mark Martin Luther King, Jr, Day! Here are some Triangle events, there are many across the state, easy to find with a quick search. You can also check our list of upcoming events, rallies, and workshops AND write welcome postcards to your legislators. There are so many ways to show up for a fresh start, pick one that excites you and SHOW UP IN 2019!

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