Starting this week, look for our blog posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We'll keep you updated on what's happening at the NCGA, with a special focus on election-related issues such as voter ID, voter access/suppression, the Board of Elections, the NC CD-9 saga, judicial independence, and gerrymandering. We'll do our best to let you know when you need to contact legislators about important bills.

Urgent Calls: Some Senate Republicans are wavering on the government shutdown, and they're in the best position to influence the White House. Let's put pressure on Senators Burr (202-224-3154) and Tillis (202-224-6342): "I'm a constituent calling from ___ to urge the senator to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government at pre-shutdown levels. The nation is tired of paralysis and Trump’s false crisis that has nothing to do with keeping our government running or protecting our national security. Thanks."

For daily national and NC action scripts, check out our friends at Indivisible Triangle Daily Call to Action; the action above is from them. For more ways to get informed and involved, scroll down a bit on our Other Actions page. AND... Stamp NC Blue is planning our next postcard project, so stay tuned!

Last plug for the Progress NC march tomorrow, Jan 11, 11am, at the NC BoE, 430 N Salisbury St in Raleigh: Stop Stonewalling Vote Theft Investigation!

The NC General Assembly (NCGA) convened on Jan 9 for an organizational session, they return for the biennial long session on Jan 30. Here's an idea to start warming up your activism for 2019: send "Happy New Congress" and "Happy New NCGA Session" postcards/emails/tweets to your elected officials to let them know you're engaged, informed, and paying attention!

Are you ready to warm up your pen and send postcards? Use your own or click here to download four images to print on card stock and mail to your US House representative, Senator Tillis (he's running in 2020), and your NCGA senator and representative, regardless of their party. Find their mailing addresses here.

Prefer emails or Tweets? Download the images below and find contact lists here. For Tweets, please use #ncga @stampncblue.

Looking for something even easier? Sign a welcome card to the new Democrats in the NCGA! Here's something similar from the NC League of Conservation Voters.

Sample message: Welcome to Congress/the NCGA (if newly elected) OR Thank you for continuing to represent me (for Democratic incumbents)/I'm a constituent (for Republican incumbents). I expect to see progressive action in 2019 on (pick one or two issues that matter most to you and share why they're important, eg, voting rights, fair districts, independent judiciary, public education, clean environment, Medicaid expansion/Medicare for All, immigration, rural broadband, improved infrastructure, progessive tax reform). I hope we share the goal of making NC a welcoming, just, and safe home for everyone! Include your name and city/town.

Share a picture of what you send or let us know you Tweeted or emailed in comments, let's see how many of us are READY TO GO IN 2019!



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