Warm wishes for happy holidays, whatever you celebrate, from all of us at Stamp NC Blue. Thank you for supporting our work to inform and educate voters and elect candidates who reflect progressive values, we couldn't do it without YOU! Special year-end thanks to our amazing blog team: Kate Capehart, Eunice Chang, Michelle Craig, Sheila Denn, Michele Sanger, and me, Patti Rieser. We'll be back on January 7, look for us then!

It's almost over! The NCGA will convene on Thursday, Dec 27, to override two vetoes from Gov Cooper: one on the elections board bill and one on the technical corrections bill. Read about why he vetoed them: WRAL, Carolina Journal. Contact your NCGA representative and senator to urge them to support Gov Cooper's veto of the NC Board of Elections (BoE) restructure bill/H1029. Although much of the bill is satisfactory, it contains a provision that requires certain political investigations to remain confidential between the newly formed Board of Elections and State Ethics Commission. We need more transparency, not less! In the technical corrections bill/S469, the governor objected to a provision dealing with enforcing stormwater rules on some parcels of property and a section allowing charter schools operated by municipalities to enroll employees in the state pension and health plans. Cooper opposes letting towns or cities operate charter schools, saying they may lead to resegregation.

This will be the end of the Republican veto-proof super-majority in both chambers! When they return at the end of January, there will be enough Democrats to uphold the governor's vetoes, although Republicans will still control what bills advance through committees and to the floor. OUR GET OUT THE VOTE POSTCARDS HELPED BREAK THE SUPERMAJORITY! We have more to do before 2020 to get a Democratic majority in at least one chamber and WE WILL DO IT TOGETHER!

Here's an idea if you'd like to let your NCGA representative and senator know how you feel about what they did this year: download the naughty or nice images created by Eunice and tweet or email them with your personal message!



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Sample "nice" message: Thank you for standing up for equality and justice (or the environment, progressive values - your issues) in NC, Sen/Rep ABC. Happy new year from a happy constituent!

Sample "naughty" message: Santa's got lumps of coal for your stocking this year, Sen/Rep ABC. This constituent hopes you will do a better job representing my progressive values in 2018. That will help make it a happy new year for all of us!"

Before we sign off... Bladen Runner (NC CD-9) Updates

  • Suspicions of absentee ballot fraud that have prompted a state investigation in the 9th Congressional District election have cropped up in the Columbus County sheriff's race. WRAL
  • State pointed US Justice Department to 'efforts to manipulate election results' in early 2017. WRAL, NC Policy Watch
  • Bladen County GOP admits paying man at center of election fraud investigation to get poll workers. WSOC-TV

Remember that You Can Vote is working with community partners to plan educational forums on new voting requirements and how to communicate these with voters. They launch in Durham on February 23rd and will host a Raleigh forum the following weekend before they move out across the state. The Durham event is on their website already--more to come!

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