You Can Vote is working with community partners to plan educational forums on new voting requirements and how to communicate these with voters. They launch in Durham on February 23rd and will host a Raleigh forum the following weekend before they move out across the state. The Durham event is on their website already--more to come!

I picked the title for today's post before I read that the NCGA would adjourn today... and reconvene on Sunday. Yes, the day before Christmas Eve. The bill altering the State Board of Elections is still on Governor Cooper's desk, as is the Technical Corrections bill. The SBoE bill is due back to the NCGA by Saturday Dec 22 at 11:59 pm. Technical Corrections is due back Sunday 23rd by 11:59 pm, so I have a feeling they're reconvening to handle those two bills. NC Policy Watch, quoting the Charlotte Observer, recommends Governor Cooper stick to his guns. I agree.

Though their session today was short, the NCGA has now codified the photo ID bill.

Mere minutes after the House's override vote (72-40), the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, on behalf of 6 North Carolina voters, announced a lawsuit. We expect the NAACP will announce their suit tomorrow.

In today's episode of Bladen Runner, a town hall in Bladenboro revealed plenty of strong feelings about the NC-09 debacle, but not much evidence of wrongdoing.

But when someone asked for a show of hands from people who believed  their votes had been mishandled, there were only a few from the  standing-room only crowd. One was from a white Republican worried about a 2010 congressional primary that he lost by more than 5,500 votes.

I leave you with this article, by Slate, which details another frantic and ridiculous flapping of the lame Republican duck's wings at the heels of the supermajority– the power– that is about to walk away from them. It's cocktails-on-a-worknight-worthy, but I take heart in the fact that the NC GOP's corruption is no longer hidden. They're being watched on a national scale now. Whether they decide to stop or not, more and more people are realizing who the NC GOP really is, and are raising their voices to make the changes that need to be made.

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