Happy holidays and welcome to another episode of "Oh No What Did They Do Now?"

The Senate did as we expected and overrode Governor Cooper's veto of the photo ID bill, 33-12. The House will likely override the veto today or tomorrow.

Governor Cooper has also indicated he will veto the bill creating the new Board of Elections and authorizing a new election (refresh your memory on this here) in NC-09 if election...

"...fraud is found in a disputed U.S. House race because he says the hastily  approved bill also adds new protections for lobbyists and people who  violate campaign finance laws."

He's said he'll sign the legislation if the protections for lobbyists and violators of campaign law are removed. Hopefully he's not holding his breath.

In today's episode of Bladen Runner, the GOP in NC-09, along with statewide Republican leadership, condemned the "lack of transparency" on the part of the SBoE in the NC-09 investigation.

Yes, the same political party that purposefully omitted or obscured language on the ballot for the six constitutional amendments they wanted to get passed; the same political party that is currently in a lame-duck session of the General Assembly to lock in their last grasps for power before they lose their supermajority; the same party who has been accused of racially gerrymandering, packing legislation, election fraud, and whose government has been compared to pseudo-dictatorships like Iran and Sierra Leone, is complaining that the SBoE isn't being transparent enough.

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WRAL hosts a splendid (and informative) opinion rebutting the NC GOP. Give it a read.

I also recommend reading this excellently written piece on the hypocrisy of the GOP by Rob Schofield of NC Policy Watch.

When I read that Chili's (yes, the restaurant chain) got involved in the NC-09 debacle, I didn't believe it. But they really did.

This is where we are in 2018, apparently.

At the risk of whiplash, it's come to light that McRae Dowless, the central figure in the claims of election fraud in Bladen County, had been active in North Carolina politics– on both sides, and on behalf of several different companies– for at least 10 years. Read about what he was paid and what he did in the linked article.

Representative G.K. Butterfield has been appointed to chief deputy whip for the 116th Congress when they convene in January. Rep. Butterfield is the first North Carolinian Democrat to hold this position.

Longleaf Politics has been running a "Contenders" series that examines elected officials positioning themselves for high-profile promotions. This is good stuff to keep an eye on in the upcoming months.

If you needed any more proof that a Republican government is bad for North Carolina's future, look no further than this line item in the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority’s current 2019 budget: $2 million in "Post HB2 Marketing/Sales support". Yep, HB2– the bill that attempted to codify discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation– damaged our state's reputation that badly that Charlotte has to pay to try to fix it.

To end on a positive, if a bit dated note, clean energy is slowly ceasing to be a divisive political issue in North Carolina, as more conservative voters have either ceased to protest it or have begun to outright support it. May that momentum continue.

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