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Voter photo ID veto overrides this week
Monday sessions gaveled in and out with no actions; voter photo ID veto override vote in the NC Senate now is expected today/Tuesday at 2pm. The House override vote will be Wednesday or Thursday, it's unclear. There's still time to contact your NC legislators to demand that they support Gov Cooper's veto. The bill that passed isn't as awful as it could be, and it's not as good as it could be with more deliberation and input from voters and county boards of election. Specific improvements: accept more forms of photo ID, no expiration on acceptable IDs, automatic voter registration with issuance of photo ID (no expiration); also noting that voters approved voter photo ID without details at the same time they sent a clear message that they want more balance and moderation at the NCGA by electing a record number of Democrats. More from WRAL, NC Policy Watch, Carolina Journal, and Senate Democratic Leader, Dan Blue, on Medium.

NC Board of Elections (BoE) Bill on Cooper's Desk
Catch up on this bill here. This is one of two bills remaining on the governor's desk, the other is Technical Corrections, which has some questionable elements about municipal charter schools tucked into it.

The BoE bill contains much that the governor wants - it's largely a reversion to how things were before the Republicans in the NCGA started trying to take control of it away from the executive branch. One major stumbling block is a provision that would make BoE investigations of potential campaign finance violations confidential. There's another questionable provision that if a new election is ordered by the NC BoE for NC CD-9, it would include a primary, as there are suggestions that the primary may have been tainted in the same way as the November election. That would likely go straight to court, as it's changing the rules mid-stream for partisan advantage, as Harris now is widely seen as a toxic candidate.

Cooper has until 12MN on Dec 22 to sign or veto the BoE bill and until 12MN on Dec 23 to act on Technical Corrections. The NCGA leadership is whining that he should do whatever he's going to do soon because they want to go home and not have to come back next week to override any vetos before they lose they veto-proof majority. Zero sympathy on that, as this is all of their own doing, though we do feel sorry for the support staff and journalists who would be affected.


NC CD-9 Updates
Jeez, this one just keeps spinning out-of-control like a tornado! After throwing up at the mere thought of election fraud and vote theft and saying a new election is probably needed, the NC GOP changed its tune again on Monday, now demanding that the BoE certify the election right now. "'The committee felt strongly it was a gross abuse of process to prevent the 9th from having a member in the new Congress without one piece of measurable public evidence presented before Jan. 3,' GOP state Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse said in a text Monday." From WSOC-TV: "Union County commissioners will vote on a resolution Monday, calling on the North Carolina State Board of Elections to certify the results in the U.S. House District 9 race." The Republicans have come full circle on this and are doubling down - remind you of anyone?

So it's not an abuse of process to seat a new member of Congress who's election is tainted by serious and credible allegations of vote theft/election fraud before an official investigation by the NC BoE is completed? Evidently not for the NC GOP. This story broke on Nov 29, and on Dec 17, they're accusing the BoE of not being "timely" in releasing evidence and results. If the tables were turned and the BoE made a ruling today, I'm willing to bet the accusation would be of their rushing and not being thorough.

Other updates:

  • Rep. Adams says Mark Harris won't be seated in the new Congress, which Congress can do.
  • The NC BoE evidentiary hearing on CD-9 is scheduled for Jan 11, 2019, which is after the current board dissolves on Dec 28. The reason for the delay is that "state investigators are awaiting additional documents from parties subpoenaed in this matter," according to the BoE spokesperson. Many of those documents presumably are coming from involved Republicans and the county BoE.
  • Remember that there's a gap of a month between when the court says the current Board of Election (BoE) must dissolve on Dec 28 and when the new bill (not yet signed by the governor) says the new BoE takes effect on Jan 31. The chair of the current board has asked the court for another extension so there's no confusion about its authority to complete its investigation. The three-judge panel responded by saying that the extension request must be submitted by the attorneys representing the parties to the case. No updates on this, and I'm starting wonder if this is part of a deliberate plan on the part of the GOP.
  • "North Carolina congressional candidate Mark Harris (R) directed the hiring of a campaign aide now at the center of an election-fraud investigation, according to three individuals familiar with the campaign, despite warnings that the operative may have used questionable tactics to deliver votes." WaPo, WRAL.
  • Follow Charlotte's WSOC-TV and Joe Bruno's Twitter feed for daily updates.

We'll continue posting daily until the LAME DUCKS GO HOME, then we plan to take a break until January 7 - unless there's something we MUST let you know!

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