Today's headline good news is that Speaker Moore said the NCGA probably won't meet to vote on anything on Friday or Monday because of the predicted snowstorm. Kinda' sad when a predicted snowstorm makes us breath a sigh of relief... On to today's update!

Voter Photo ID
The NC Senate voted on Thursday to approve an amended House version of a voter photo ID bill, which now goes to Gov. Cooper. The governor has ten days to sign it, veto it, or let it become law without his signature.

Although it is not as odious as their 2013 bill (which was ruled unconstitutional), it is likely to affect people who are disenfranchised without doing anything to address the type of election fraud that is being investigated in NC-9. They added an amendment that will require a copy of a photo ID to be submitted with absentee ballots, although that would not have prevented the alleged ballot harvesting fraud in Bladen County - the harvester uses a smartphone to snap a photo as they pick up the unsealed, incomplete ballot from the unsuspecting voter.

We join Democracy NC, ACLU of NC, Equality NC, NC NAACP, and others in urging Gov. Cooper to veto this bill. Read the letter sent to the governor by the ACLU and Equality NC. Use this Democracy NC link to send your comment to Gov Cooper or call (919-814-2050) or email ( him directly.

NC Congressional District 9
This hot mess is getting hotter by the hour, and it's impossible to keep up-to-the-minute on it unless you're living on Twitter and following a dozen feeds.

WRAL has a good update as of Thursday afternoon:

Related info and news:

They're not dead yet, despite the snow break.


For one thing, they have to figure out how to create a legal state Board of Elections pretty darn quick; we can't wait to see how they try to stack that deck while staying an atom's breadth this side of yet another lawsuit. Possibly some significant changes to those three-judge panels that have been saving the state, tucked away. We'll continue to do our best to keep you posted, so check back on Monday.

Have a good weekend, stay safe!

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