You can tell that's an opera house-ified image of the NCGA, right? You'd have to be on at least a dozen Twitter feeds constantly to keep up with what's happening this week. This doubtless will be out of date by the time you read it, but here's some of what's happened on Wednesday. If you need to catch up, check our earlier posts this week.

Thursday, Dec 6, 9am - press conference and rally at the NCGA. If you can't attend, here's what you CAN do RIGHT NOW:


  • Here was the status of the bill and amendments in the House as of Weds. morning.
  • The NC House voted on many amendments Wednesday afternoon and passed SB 824, 67-40. N&O. There was never a serious question about this; the Republicans in the NCGA are hell-bent on passing this while they still have a veto-proof super-majority because, well, it's part of their strategy to stay in control. Gerry-mandering is another, as is attempting to stack the courts. Stealing power from the governor isn't working out as well as they planned, thanks to the courts and the voters who said no to two power-shifting constitutional amendments.
  • One of the amendments mandates submitting a copy of a photo ID with an absentee ballot. That would do nothing to prevent the electoral fraud being investigated now and will make it harder for people who use absentee ballots (the elderly, sick, homebound) to vote as it requires having a printer or access to a copier. Plus there's no way for the county Board of Elections to confirm that the photo corresponds to the person submitting the ballot, so what good does it do?
  • Because the House version differs from the Senate version, it goes back to the Senate for concurrence and one more vote, that's expected on Thursday. There are a few Republicans who say they will vote against it because it's too lenient! Several of them object to allowing any student IDs, even with the verification requirements that colleges will have to conform with, they say they're easy to counterfeit. As if drivers licenses and other "acceptable" IDs aren't. They just don't like how students tend to vote.
  • The NCGA only partially accounts for the millions this will cost taxpayers.

So let's all take a deep breath before we move on, shall we?


NC Congressional District 9

  • Been under a rock and haven't heard anything about this yet? Buzzfeed, ABC.
  • Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA), Vice Ranking Member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, released a statement requesting an emergency hearing into reports of election fraud in the race for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, making Congressional action seem more likely.
  • Harris won't be seated in January if the US House isn't satisfied with the conduct and outcome of the state investigation.
  • Follow the excellent shoes-on-the-ground reporting of Joe Bruno and the WSOC-TV team for frequent updates on the investigation. He and Michael Bitzer, the political scientist and analyst who uncovered the suspicious absentee ballot patterns, got a nice national callout from WaPo.
  • The NC State Board of Elections is posting thousands of documents related to this alleged election fraud as they investigate. Dive in if you dare.
  • Watch Colbert for a laugh/cry moment.

I need a panda video and a glass of wine. I can share one of those two things with you!

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