First to mention, the House Elections and Ethics Law Committee meeting will hear voter ID, Monday, Dec 3 at 5pm, LOB, 300 N Salisbury, Rm 643. There's a press conference before that, 3pm, in front of the NCGA, to demand free and fair elections. Aylett Colston will speak, along with Melissa Price Kromm, Director, North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections and Vashti Hinton, Common Cause North Carolina College Outreach Coodinator.   They will talk about the election rigging in NC’s 9th congressional district and the hypocrisy of the rhetoric around enacting a requirement for voters to show an NCGA-approved “Photo ID” to vote in person while at the same time refusing to address the long-standing unsavory behavior  of political operatives  in Southeastern NC.  Be there for one or both if you can! As Patti posted on Friday:

It's not too late to CONTACT YOUR NC HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE AND REPRESENTATIVE MOORE! Stronger NC posted a good list of questions and concerns that you can choose from or stick with the basic messages that this crucial process is rushed, the implementation timeline of <five months is unrealistic for public education and will interfere with the fair conduct of 2019 municipal elections, and counties don't have the time or funding to adequately prepare. Plus:
The NC Budget and Tax Center estimates it will cost taxpayers at least $12 million dollars to implement this bill to address a problem that doesn't exist. The NCGA itself hasn't come up with a cost estimate.
This bill does nothing to address updating systems for voter roll maintenance, which would go a long way to ensuring election integrity.
It does nothing to address absentee ballot fraud, which is a larger problem than in-person voter impersonation (see the bullet below re: 9th Congressional District).
It's OK to call or email more than once with different points. We can't make this go away, but we can continue to use calls, tweets, and emails to pressure the NCGA to do everything possible to make a voter photo ID process simple, easy, and accessible to every eligible voter.

In other big NC election news:

Per WRAL, The State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement voted to continue an investigation into election irregularities in the 9th Congressional District. This leaves the race outcome between Democrat Dan McCready and Republican Mark Harris undermined. Harris received 905 votes more than McCready, but on Tuesday the Board declined to certify the race. See Harris's statement here. It's making national news, here's one sample: What the heck is happening in that NC House race? Read details in this story about the irregularities including Harris receiving 61% of Bladen County's absentee-by-mail vote and Robeson and Bladen counties' high percentages of requested absentee-by-mail ballots, which were never returned. Irregularities are noted back in the May primary, also.

Read more as Vox reports "the specific allegations of tampering in the North Carolina Ninth." An evidentiary hearing will be held on or before Dec. 21. We will keep you posted.

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