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In last week's election, vague language on the ballots led to North Carolinians voting to pass four out of six amendments. Among those is the Voter ID Amendment which passed by a narrow margin of 55.51% to 44.49%. Voters passed these amendments without knowing what type of photo ID will be required in future elections. Lawmakers will come back on November 27 to discuss this and could prohibit student IDs and military IDs from being valid among others.

We must let lawmakers know that it is unacceptable to implement a repeat of the 2013 ID law, which was struck down in the Federal Appeals Court in 2016. This law discriminated against voters who are Black, women, and lower income.

For more information on this topic read Stronger NC's article which clarifies some misconceptions related to the Voter ID Amendment. They also explain how and what to advocate for regarding voter ID requirements.

Our advocacy work did not end on Election Day. Many organizations like Stronger NC, the ACLU (as reported by NC Policy Watch), and all of us here at SNCB are urging you to come together once again to make sure people are not denied their right to vote due to lack of the right photo ID. Stronger NC suggests you "contact your legislators before Nov 27, write your local papers, and join us at the General Assembly during their special session to show them that we care, and we are holding them accountable on behalf of our fellow North Carolinians."

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