*Update Nov 17, 2018: Erica McAdoo has conceded to Republican Steve Ross in NC HD-63, one of "our" five districts. Ross won by 298 votes.

Update 8:3oam: Move On has called for protests today at 5pm in response to the firing of Attorney General Sessions. Find one near you. The Durham event is showing up as full for some reason, it IS happening at CCB Plaza, Major the Bull, at 5pm.

Whew, I'm still looking for my breath, much less catching it! Big thanks to Kate for her wee-hours post-election post and to Eunice for live-tweeting results. Follow Stamp NC Blue on Twitter for lots of great post-election info!

There's a lot to process from this election, some NC and national races are still too close to call and may trigger recounts. We have reasons to celebrate in NC - and more work ahead of us, as we expected. Remember that none of the results are certified yet, as absentee and provisional ballots have not all been assessed and counted, plus there were reporting issues in a few counties (eg, Lenoir) that are being addressed today.

First, let's CELEBRATE our Stamp NC Blue victories:

  • MAJOR victory for Anita Earls, who won an eight-year term on the NC Supreme Court by a convincing margin of 49.46% to 34.14% for Republican incumbent Barbara Jackson and 16.4% for Republican Chris Anglin. This gives Democrats a five-to-two majority on the Supreme Court and prevents the Republican leadership from seizing control by passing a court-packing law that would add two new GOP justices to the court during their November lame duck session. We sent 10,000 postcards encouraging voters to support Anita Earls, we trust that helped!
  • Democrat Terence Everitt won in NC House District (HD) 35!
  • Democrat Ray Russell won in NC HD-93!
  • Democrat Joe Sam Queen won in NC HD-119!
  • Two of the three most horrible constitutional amendments were REJECTED by wide margins! Voters said "NO WAY" to the efforts of the Republican leadership to shift the balance of power from the governor's office to the legislature.


Democrat Erica McAdoo has not conceded in her NC HD-63 race against Republican incumbent, Stephen Moss; she's behind by just 295 votes with absentee and provisional ballots to be counted. Sadly, Democrat Ron Wesson lost in NC HD-1.

Still, NC Democrats have several reasons to be happy:

  • We broke the super-majority in the NC House and probably in the NC Senate (some races were close enough that there may be recounts). This means that come January, the NCGA will not be able to automatically override Gov Cooper's vetoes and will have to work with Democrats on the budget and other issues.
  • Democrats won big in Wake County, electing Julie von Haefen and Sydney Batch, in addition to Terence Everitt. Long-time Republican Representative Nelson Dollar, powerful chair of the House Appropriations Committee, is OUT.
  • Democrats also won big in Mecklenburg County.
  • Democrats won ALL THREE contested seats on the NC Court of Appeals, including John Arrowood, the first openly LGBTQ person to win a state-wide race in NC!
  • Black sheriffs made history in the seven largest counties.
  • Voter turnout was better than expected.
  • There WAS a NC blue wave!

We'll post more about the NC election results and implications in the coming days, be sure to check back.

Now relax and enjoy some "Me Voting in 2016 vs Me Voting in 2018" memes, more here :-)


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