I don't think I'm the only one who's been wrangling with a decent case of PTSD from 2016 tonight. But a few victories have soothed my fevered brow.

FLIP NC has a liveblog going. Check it out.

The NC State Board of Elections website has results too.

As of midnight-thirty-ish on Wednesday November 7th, here's what's happening:

Anita Earls will be the NC Supreme Court's next justice! Congratulations, Anita! We're so proud of you!

The Democrats have officially ended the GOP supermajority in the NC House, but not in the Senate. Read NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin's statement. He definitely speaks for us all.

The Judicial Sunshine and State Elections Board restructuring amendments have failed. The other four– Marsy's Law, voter ID, hunting and fishing, and the income tax cap, will pass.

Gerrymandering is clearly on display in this election, like we knew it would be. Despite having literally almost half of the votes, Republicans maintain a 10-3 advantage in Congressional races.

Still think your vote doesn't matter? Democrat Harper Peterson won NC Senate District 9 by just 38 votes. That's mindblowing.

You know what else is mindblowing? The fact that North Carolina just hit 50% voter turnout in a blue moon (non-presidential) election. Congratulate yourselves, because this in itself is worth celebrating. We're building a movement, and this is a big rumble.

Image (c) NCSBE

There's still more coming in; as of 12:30 not all of the districts have reported and some races are too close to call. Tomorrow's post will analyze the results of our postcard districts.

Above all, please remember this: our work is not done. Historically, much of the momentum gained in midterm elections– those which Democrats win– is lost after the ballots have been counted. We have to keep the momentum going! As I've told people for the last several weeks, vote, yes, but don't just vote. We gained a lot of ground tonight. Now we have to fight to keep it. And we are up against people who fight dirty.

So gird yourselves, brace yourselves, take care of yourselves, and keep going. Turn your hope to 2020, but turn the work of your hands to everything that must be done between now and then. We can do it.

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