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Happy Halloween, everyone! This week's news is a little bit of the good, the bad, and the spooky.

Continued thanks to the Civitas Institute for hosting and sponsoring this vote tracker, updated daily, where you can view various demographic statistics related to the elections in North Carolina. And bask in the knowledge that– so far, despite reports of Republicans being ahead in the polls in other states– North Carolina is looking pretty blue.

If you are disabled or know anyone who is, accessthevotenc.org can help. Share this link widely!

You're likely familiar with the catchy phrase "Nix All Six"– one that I myself have been applying liberally (pun intended) to my posts and conversations these last few months. But Andrew Dunn of Longleaf Politics makes a counterpoint: it may not be good for those districts whose budgets depend on packages of city bonds passing. Hopefully Dunn's worry– that Democrats will mark "No" all the way down– won't come to pass. It's "Nix All Six", not "Nix Everything". The other 8 things to watch on his list are well worth a read, though.

"I do hope that in spite of people's personal despair that they will get out and vote."

Me too. My heart goes out to Hurricane Florence survivors, for whom the reality of this storm is still devastatingly present. As many predicted, Florence has depressed voter turnout in affected counties, including one of the tightest Congressional races in the country.

Switching gears ever so slightly, it wouldn't be Halloween without a journey into the realm of the spooky.

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We thought Republicans hated voter fraud. But last week, Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina Dan Forest released a video called "Voter Fraud 101". The video gives detailed instructions on how an "organized group" could commit voter fraud in North Carolina. Tomas Lopez, an analyst with Democracy North Carolina, had this to say:

"The scheme depicted in this video is extremely elaborate and would require a really high level of organization, coordination and execution on the part of the perpetrators and a commensurate level of incompetence on the part of election officials and systems....[N]ot even the incidents used to justify voting restrictions include something like this."

From where I'm standing, Lt. Gov. Forest made our point for us: voter fraud is so rare and so difficult to execute that it is effectively null as an excuse to, for example, pass a voter ID amendment to the constitution.

On the subject, educator April Lee adds her voice to the growing chorus of Republican voices against the amendments. Note well her objection to the otherwise generally well-thought-of Marsy's Law, and hope she is converting every one of her Republican friends she can.

Two GOP volunteers reported being harassed at the polls, one by a man with a firearm, and another by a Democratic candidate.

The Charlotte Observer reports on the damage the NC GOP has done to our judiciary– and our perception of it-- by making it hyperpartisan. Give a glance to their profiles of the candidates, including Anita Earls, whom Stamp NC Blue endorses. NC Lawyers Weekly published an interview with her last week that I recommend you read as well.

And now for the good news! The US Court of Appeals has lifted the gag order restricting the rights of those impacted by hog waste. The order "had targeted a range of people, including any 'potential witnesses,' an overly broad category that could 'include almost anyone who is knowledgeable or conversant about the issues in these cases.'"

In defiance of the GOP, Governor Cooper has signed an executive order that calls on the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 2005 levels by 2025, as well as increase support for clean energy businesses and renewables.

Stay spooky, everyone!

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