Early voting is rolling now and ends on Nov 3. Find your county's early voting sites and schedules. People can register to vote during early voting, but not on Election Day, Nov 6. Use the link to find out what you need to take with you to register. NO PHOTO ID IS NEEDED TO VOTE! To vote AGAINST all six constitutional amendments, you must mark your ballot "against." Here's updated absentee voting info for counties most affected by Hurricane Florence. Take your family, friends, co-workers. Kids get a "future voter" sticker!

The 2018 election is all-hands-on-deck for people who support progressive values in our state and country. Voter turnout is key - and has been a major issue for Democrats in past elections. The results of research suggest that repeated, personal contacts with potential voters are effective in increasing voter turn-out. Canvassing, phone banking, text banking, writing letters or postcards, registering and educating voters, helping voters at the polls, donating to candidates you support - there are options for everyone. Can you do more?

  • There's an app for that, of course - apps that let you know who among your contacts is able to vote, lives in a contested area (nation-wide) and probably needs a nudge.  Check VoteWithMe and Outvote for IOS devices.
  • The non-partisan, state-wide organization Democracy NC has many volunteer options. If you're available during early voting (Oct 17-Nov 3) or on Nov. 6, they'll train you to be a vote protector, helping to connect voters who have problems at the polls with experts who can help them.  Or you can train to be on a "Truth Team" and educate voters at the polls about the constitutional amendments.
  • You Can Vote is a strictly non-partisan voter registration/get out the vote organization with phone banks and on-the-ground events in several key counties across the state.
  • NC Wins will help you find canvassing opportunities across NC, train and hook you up to phone or text bank from your computer, and help you connect with your friends and family members who are unlikely to vote.
  • Indivisible Flip NC has a goldmine of information on their website, including their list of flippable districts, a voter engagement toolkit and individual support for organizing canvassing in a flippable district near you, and an event list for their Wake County canvassing this fall.
  • Neighbors on Call has local chapters in the Piedmont that are sponsoring events and canvassing opportunities. Check "NoC Knocks" for more info about their canvassing efforts.
  • Swing Left will connect you with canvassing in a nearby flippable district.
  • NC GOTV is a public Facebook page full of canvassing opportunities across the state.
  • Really excited about a specific candidate? They'd love to have your help! Every candidate's website will have a "contact us" or "volunteer" option (in addition to the ever-present "donate" button). All US and NC state-level Democratic candidate links are here.
  • Still not sure? NC Supreme Court candidate Anita Earls would love your help, wherever you live.
  • NC Senator Jeff Jackson has a state-wide game plan. If you live in Charlotte, you can phone bank. If you don't, you can sign up for a social media-based GOTV effort.
  • Your county Democratic party may be organizing canvassing, contact them.
  • Learn what it means to volunteer for a state legislative campaign.

Disclaimer: Stamp NC Blue is not authorized by, financed by, or affiliated with any candidate or campaign. Questions? Contact info@stampncblue.org

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