Important info about absentee voting, especially if you're in an area affected by the hurricane; more about post-hurricane voting here. Stamp NC Blue supports the progressive values of Democratic candidates. This is the last of our series on the six proposed amendments to the NC Constitution.

One of the proposed constitutional amendments is intended to strengthen the rights of victims of crimes, which sounds like a good thing. What you'll see on your ballot: Constitutional amendment to strengthen protections for victims of crime, to establish certain, absolute basic rights for victims, and to ensure the enforcement of these rights. House Bill 551

Here's what's important to know about this one:

  • Also known as Marcy's law, this is being pushed nation-wide by a CA billionaire whose sister was murdered in 1983.
  • The NC Constitution already provides victim protections (Article 1, Section 37).
  • Putting additional requirements in the Constitution would make it impossible to change or update related state laws.
  • It is estimated by the NC Administrative Office of the Courts to cost $16.4 million to implement and $30.5 million/yr to maintain.
  • It could undermine the rights of people who appear in court, tie the hands of judges, and make it harder to pay for vital programs designed to help young people and others turn their lives around.
  • It undermines the rights of young people in the criminal justice system by eliminating differences in how NC treats juveniles (age 17 and younger) and adults.
  • A similar law went into effect in South Dakota in 2016 and created so many issues, they considered repealing it.
    • Police stopped asking for the public’s help in solving crimes-in-progress to avoid revealing victims’ locations.
    • Prosecutors spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in staffing to locate victims of low level crimes such as vandalism or shoplifting.
    • Defendants spent extra time in jail because victims couldn’t be located in time for arraignment.

Do you know anyone who believes their rights to hunt and fish in NC are being unfairly blocked? Even some Republicans who support this proposed constitutional amendment think it's unnecessary. Nonetheless, this will appear on our November ballots:
Constitutional amendment protecting the right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife. Senate Bill 667

Why vote against it?

  • No one, even the people proposing it, can say why it's needed or exactly what it will do.
  • This “right” would be subject to unknown rules and laws of the NCGA, which is already the case.
  • The language in the amendment is nearly identical to legislation written and pushed by the National Rifle Association (NRA).
  • The NRA has pushed similar ballot initiatives in other states as a way to protect gun rights through multiple means.
  • The amendment does not contain language protecting private property rights.
  • There is concern the amendment could protect cruel or environmentally harmful "traditional" methods of hunting and fishing from legal challenge.
  • Its real intention may be to motivate gun rights supporters (often Republicans) to vote in this mid-term election, which often has lower turnout.

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Remember, the constitutional amendments will appear at the bottom of your ballot.


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